#BestpassGives: Employees Volunteer at Regional Foodbank of Northeastern New York

The Regional Foodbank has been helping to feed the poor and hungry in northeastern New York since 1982. The Food Bank collects large donations of food from the food industry and distributes it to charitable agencies serving hungry and disadvantaged people in 23 counties of Northeastern New York.

Ten Bestpass employees recently spent an afternoon sorting food donations, and the company will go back twice in March to volunteer for more activity.

“Volunteering at the regional food bank is a fun, rewarding experience and a great way to give back to the community. The pandemic has impacted the lives of so many people, and spending a few hours an afternoon to help sort through donations so more people can get the food they need is just one small way we can help out” noted senior accountant and co-chair of Bestpass Gives committee Max Sutfin.

The Bestpass Gives initiative is currently focused on counteracting hunger in the community.

For more information, visit https://regionalfoodbank.net



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