Host a Touch-A-Truck Event

We can’t think of a better event to do that than a touch-a-truck event. These events are an excellent way to give the general public unparalleled access to the large vehicles that keep our country moving, by letting kids and adults alike touch, climb into, and see them up close.

Be sure to fill out the form to the right so we can send you a touch-a-truck event guide. 

Kit includes:
  • event planning guide
  • project plan & sample budget
  • sponsorship forms & letters
  • media & public relations activities and facebook promotion guide
  • ...and more!


Bestpass has you covered in Maine! #tollmanagement
At Bestpass, we recognize Juneteenth, a day for celebration, education, and connection. As we continue to make strides towards racial equality, let’s reflect on how far we have come, and focus on continuing the work towards equality. #juneteenth


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