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Channel Partner Program Expanding Reach to New Businesses 

This new program will allow partners to offer access to Bestpass toll management solutions to their fleets and members

Today, Bestpass announced a partnership program focused on teaming with like-minded organizations that support the trucking and logistics market. These partners already serve customers that will benefit from simplified toll management, allowing Bestpass to reach more owner-operators and commercial fleets. Bestpass is launching the program with several partners already enrolled including the American Association of Owner Operators, ES Advantage, Innovative Logistics, McCord Telematics, and MyTrucker Pro. 

“We are pleased to offer this program with our partners to provide customers with industry-leading toll management technology and services,” said Ken Borowski, Bestpass Director of Channel Partnerships. “Working together we can offer toll savings to small fleets and owner-operators in a streamlined way, while also providing a new revenue stream to our partners.”  

“ES Advantage is excited to bring Bestpass into our community as the exclusive toll management offering for our owner-operator and small fleet customers. Adding the Bestpass solution further solidifies ES Advantage’s commitment to making the best products and services in the industry easily accessible to these small businesses so they can be more profitable and thrive” notes Jeff Reese, Director of Sales and Marketing at ES Advantage. 

David Huff of the American Association of Owner Operators noted, “We are excited to be able to bring the Bestpass solution to our members. Tolls have been a hassle for our members for way too long. Now they have not only a single solution to toll payments but can also save money on the costs associated with paying them.” 

“At MyTrucker Pro, we value what's simple. Partnering with Bestpass toll solutions excited us because of its benefits and ease for all types of users.” Remarked Jack Bay of MyTrucker Pro. MyTrucker Pro is a social network for the transportation industry. 

Innovative Logistics Group Managing Director Adam L. Wingfield noted “The Bestpass solution is a perfect fit for our One company One solution approach, and we are very excited about the partnership.”

“We are excited to provide additional value-added services to our customers through the Bestpass toll solution” said Jim Saqib of McCord Telematics.

To learn more about the Bestpass channel partner program reach out to Ken Borowski at (847) 366-8140.

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