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Bestpass Strategic Alliances

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We’re always looking to partner and collaborate with other innovative companies and organizations. Want to meet and see if Bestpass is a fit for your organization?

Partner With Bestpass

Partner With Bestpass

Every company's biggest goal is improving customer satisfaction — after all, the more pleased customers are with your products and services, the more likely they are to continue buying from you. You can supplement your existing offerings by providing your customers with toll management services, giving them a seamless toll payment experience and producing greater customer satisfaction.

You can invest in toll management by partnering with Bestpass, the industry leader in the toll space. We have served as a trusted partner to commercial fleets and toll authorities since our establishment in 2001, helping companies simplify their toll management providing greater visibility and coverage.

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Do your customers need toll?

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Would your customers benefit from a comprehensive toll management product? Are you looking for additional capabilities to supplement existing services? We can help.

With customer toll management software from Bestpass, your customers will receive transponders for their vehicles within three to five business days or over the course of a couple of months (depending order date). Transponders become active when traveling through its first toll booth or gantry, automatically pulling money from the user's prepaid account. The toll will post to their account within 24 to 48 hours (depending on the tolling authority).

Our solutions further improve toll management for your customers by giving them access to the Bestpass portal, where they can gain valuable insights into their toll spend. Equipped with business intelligence, analytics, and reporting, our software provides a detailed breakdown of a company's toll expenses, showing them costs by vehicle and route.

Your customers will experience many innovative features with Bestpass, including:

  • Recording citations
  • Identifying misreads
  • Leveraging usage alerts
  • Preventing violations

Offerings can be customized for your customers and white-labeled for your business if that's what you prefer. 

Providers & OEMs

Providers & OEMs

When your customers purchase your parts, equipment, and technologies, they expect nothing less than the best. The more you do for your customers, the more loyal they'll be to your brand. With Bestpass, you can provide them with advanced toll management technologies by pairing your equipment with our innovative software.

We partner with technology providers and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to provide back-end transaction processing and billing services. With our toll payment solutions, you can provide your consumers with nationwide toll-enabled vehicles right off the assembly line. With tolling data accuracy, consolidated payments, and time and cost savings, your customers will get the most out of their investments.


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Provide Toll Management Services to Your Customers With Bestpass

You can simplify your customers' toll management when you choose Bestpass as your strategic partner. We help fleets and owner-operators take control of their tolls while bridging the gap between these companies and tolling authorities. We've served customers across the country for over 20 years, making us the experts you can trust.

Get in touch with one of our helpful staff to learn more about our tolling solutions.

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