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    Toll Management for Service Fleets

    Service fleets have unique needs when it comes to toll management. Bestpass has the answers.

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Toll Management for Service Fleets

As the manager of a commercial service fleet, you have a lot of responsibilities on your plate — but toll management doesn't have to be one of them. When you invest in a reliable business toll fleet solution, you can experience seamless toll management for service fleets without lifting a finger.

Bridge the gap between your fleet and tolling authorities with Bestpass. Our service fleet toll software is designed to help trucking companies of all shapes and sizes save time and money by simplifying toll management. We're proud to have served as a trusted partner to customers and tolling authorities since 2001.

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Nationwide or Regional Coverage For Your Fleet

We understand that every service fleet has its own unique needs and objectives. That's why Bestpass offers a variety of transponder and toll coverage options, allowing you to customize your solution down to the vehicle. With our toll pass for commercial fleets, you can have your vehicles covered wherever they travel.

We offer different toll coverage options for service fleets and our tolling specialist will help customize a plan based on your fleets needs:

  • Complete Pass Scout: Our tolling specialist might recommend the Complete Pass Scout coverage option if you need coast-to-coast toll coverage.
  • E-ZPass: The E-ZPass plan might be right for you if you need to extend coverage in the E-ZPass area, from Maine to Illinois to Florida. 
  • Horizon Voyager: Our tolling specialist might recommend a regional service fleet toll pass for cost-effective coverage in Alabama and California. 
  • Horizon Scout: Another option our tolling specialist might suggest is Horizon Scout, which provides regional coverage in 10 states. 

On-Demand Toll Reporting

Bestpass is equipped with business intelligence and advanced analytics to help you improve operations for your service fleet. Our software allows you to simplify your job and gain strategic insight into your fleet. You can order transponders, manage your vehicles and set alerts with the Bestpass portal. 

Organize your fleet by location, region or business unit for more efficient accounting, localized account management and gain greater insight into your overall operations.

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Integrate Tolling Data Into Your Own Fleet Management Systems With Bestpass's API 

Instead of accessing the Bestpass online portal you can easily integrate tolling data into your existing systems, eliminating the need for manual data entry. With our API, you'll be able to streamline your toll management processes, by updating your vehicles and transponders in your own system. 

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Coverage Where You Need It

  • Alabama

    Emerald Mountain Express

    Foley Beach Express

    Montgomery Express

    Tuscaloosa Bypass

  • California

    Bay Area Toll Authority

    LA Metro

    OCTA - 91 Expresslanes

    South Bay Expressway

    The Toll Roads

  • Colorado

    US 36

    E-470 (Denver)

    I-25 Express Lanes (Denver)

    Interstate 70 (Denver)

    Northwest Parkway (Denver)

  • Delaware

    Delaware DOT

  • Florida

    Central Florida Expressway Authority

    Florida Department of Transportation

  • Georgia

    Georgia State Toll Road Authority

  • Illinois


    Illinois State Toll Highway Authority

  • Indiana

    Indiana Toll Road Concession Company

  • Kansas

    Kansas Turnpike

  • Kentucky


  • Louisiana

    *Limited availability

    Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Bridge

    Louisiana - LA1 Expressway – GeauxPass

  • Maine
    Maine Turnpike Authority
  • Maryland

    Maryland Turnpike Authority

  • Massachusetts

    Massachusetts Turnpike Authority

  • Michigan

    *Limited Availability

    Ambassador Bridge

    Mackinac Bridge 

  • Minnesota


  • New Hampshire

    New Hampshire DOT

  • New Jersey

    Atlantic City Expressway

    Burlington County Bridge Commission

    Delaware River and Bay Authority

    Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission

    Delaware River Port Authority

    Garden State Parkway

    New Jersey Turnpike Authority

  • New York

    MTA Bridges and Tunnels

    New York State Bridge Authority

    New York State Thruway Authority

    Niagara Falls Bridge Commission

    Peace Bridge Authority

    Port Authority of NY and NJ

    Thousand Island Bridge

  • North Carolina

    North Carolina Turnpike Authority

  • Ohio

    Ohio Turnpike Commission

  • Oklahoma

    Oklahoma Turnpike

  • Pennsylvania

    Pennsylvania Turnpike

  • Rhode Island

    Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority

  • South Carolina

    Southern Connector

  • Texas

    Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority

    Fort Bend Grand Parkway Toll Road Authority

    Harris County Toll Road Authority

    North Texas Tollway Authority


  • Virginia

    Virginia DOT

  • Washington

    Washington State Department of Transportation

  • West Virginia

    West Virginia Turnpike

Manage Your Citations

Our citation payment service lets you upload your citations to the Bestpass portal. When you upload your citation, you will be charged $5 + the cost of the citation. From there, you will be given a complete view of the vehicle and associated costs. When the monthly statement is sent out, you will receive summaries of all citations and the cost per vehicle for toll and citations. That means instead of trying to organize your fleet's citations yourself, you get all the information you need in one place

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Speak to a Tolling and Citation Specialist Today

Experience effortless toll management for your service fleet. Bestpass offers complete toll coverage for service fleets, making it easy to understand bills and save time and money. Submit the form below and a tolling specialist will reach out to get started.

If you have 1-5 trucks, you can learn more about our solution for owner-operators here.

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