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Toll Management Solutions

As someone who operates or manages a trucking fleet, you face a multitude of tasks in your daily workload. Toll management takes time away from other fleet operations and impacts your budget. But, there is a way to ease this burden.
Bestpass simplifies tolling through our comprehensive toll management software designed for commercial truckers. We act as a bridge between fleets and tolling authorities, saving your business significant time and money.

Fleet Toll Management

Bestpass provides reliable toll management for trucking and service fleets with six or more vehicles. Whether your fleet has 6 trucks or 6,000, our regional or coast-to-coast toll coverage has your fleet covered wherever you travel. Our one-stop solution enables you to pay tolls, leverage data insights and manage disputes without lifting a finger.

A row of trucks in a fleet

minimum of 6 vehicles

Owner-Operator Toll Management

As an owner-operator, you have more urgent matters to address than the complexities of toll management. For operators with one to five vehicles, Bestpass provides the ability to track and manage toll expenses wherever you travel. After signing up, you receive a single monthly toll statement, one number to call for questions or issues, and access to deep discounts.

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maximum of 5 vehicles

Get It All With Bestpass

Simplify your toll management while saving time and money

A single statement and payment for all toll

Toll management at your fingertips

On-demand reporting and advanced analytics

Dedicated customer support

How It Works

After signing up with Bestpass, we'll send you the transponder best suited for your routes within three to five business days. Have a large fleet? We'll customize a plan that covers each of your vehicles.
Bestpass creates a prepaid account for you that pays for all tolls run in real time. Tolls are then posted in our portal for review within 24 - 48 hours (depending on the toll authority).
Use the Bestpass portal to gain valuable insights into your tolling costs. Our toll management solution offers on-demand reporting and analytics. Using these reports, you can plan the most cost-efficient routes and see the amount of toll you're running per vehicle.

Other features of our fleet tracking software include:

  • Identify misreads

  • Prevent violations

  • Record citations

  • Set usage alerts

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Toll Coverage Services for Fleets and Owner-Operators

When you invest in toll coverage from Bestpass, one of our tolling specialists will assist you in selecting the best toll service for your fleet. Our toll coverage options include:

Invest in the Best Toll Pass for Truckers at Bestpass

You can achieve flexible toll management for your truck fleet with toll solutions from Bestpass. We've proudly served as a trusted partner for truckers and tolling authorities since 2001.

For Owner-Operators
Providing owner-operators and small fleets with turnkey toll solutions
Bestpass API

Integrate Tolling Data Into Your Own Fleet Management Systems With Bestpass's API 

Are you tired of manually managing vehicles and transponders, and downloading toll data to import into your finance apps? Our API automates these tasks, making them a thing of the past. 

Designed with the user in mind, our API is easy to integrate into your existing systems, eliminating the need for manual data entry. With our API, you'll be able to streamline your toll management processes, improve efficiency, and save money. 

Here are a couple of examples of what you can use our API for: 

  • Fleet Management Integration: You can use Bestpass's API to automatically manage your fleet's transponders and vehicles in real-time. This includes adding and removing vehicles, moving transponders between vehicles, and deactivating transponders that are not in use. With the API, you can eliminate the need for manual data entry and ensure that your toll charges are always accurate. 
  • Transponder Management: Move transponders between vehicles and deactivate those that are not in use, all from within your existing system. And if a transponder is lost, our API makes it easy to report it and receive a replacement. 
  • License Plate Updates: If a license plate changes, you can use our API to inform Bestpass automatically, ensuring that tolls are charged to the correct vehicle without any errors. 

Even though our API is designed to be self-sufficient, our customer support team is always available to provide guidance and answer any questions that you may have. With Bestpass's user-friendly API, simplifying your toll management has never been easier.  

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