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    Our webinar series offers key insights into industry-related topics and how we can help navigate these changes.

Monthly Highlight: The ROI of Toll

In our Monthly Highlights, Bestpass explores relevant and timely topics for fleets. First up is a discussion about the ROI of Toll. Join Shanna Thouin, Director of Sales, to hear about some of the hidden costs of toll. Additionally, find out how toll management solutions, like Bestpass, tackle those hidden costs and actually saves fleets time and money each and every month.

What the Infastructure Plan Means For Tolling

Last year’s infrastructure plan has the power to shape the transportation industry for decades to come. Join Bestpass VP of Business Development, Joe Clavelle as he shares how provisions in the new law can change the types of tolls trucks and service vehicles pay and how they pay them.

Steering Through the Driver Crunch

In 2022, motor carriers are again riding the rollercoaster that is the nationwide driver shortage. And thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic making truck driving an even less attractive career choice, the ride is rougher than ever for fleet managers. That's why the focus of this HDT webinar is to deliver insights on how best to reduce driver-related costs and, at the same time, implement other changes that will help offset those costs as well.

Tolling in 2021: Emerging Trends for Commercial Fleets

What has changed and what is the future of tolling? Learn how tolling has evolved over the last year and how these changes impact commercial fleets with large regional or national footprints. 

How Toll Management will Improve Fleet Operations

 What are the benefits of an outsourced toll management program? Get a better understanding of cashless tolling and ways to improve your bottom line.

How to Offset Driver Compensation

Join Jason Walker, CRO of Bestpass and Ken Johnson, CEO of Leonard's Express for a conversation on driver compensation and learn how to retain your drivers and offset the rising costs of running a fleet.


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