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As a trucking association, you have the vital job of advocating for trucking companies, fleet owners, and owner-operators. Part of representing these organizations is providing leadership within the transportation industry to make their experiences better. You can achieve the most for your members by providing them with toll management discounts and hassle-free solutions. 

You can get discounts on fleet software for your trucking association when you invest in solutions from Bestpass. We serve as mediators between trucking companies and tolling authorities, enabling them to manage tolls seamlessly while saving time and money. 




Refer your members to Bestpass to save time and money on toll and potentially qualifying for royalty payments. It’s a no-brainer! 

With over 20 years in the trucking industry, we have established ourselves a leading toll payment platform over our 20-plus years in business. Our software has processed over $1 billion in toll transactions annually for more than 20,000 customers and counting. 

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Our Partners

When you turn to Bestpass for dependable toll management software, you can use our solutions to accomplish several tasks for your trucking association. Some of the many applications of our toll service platform include:

  • Product promotion: With our toll service discounts, you can endorse, promote and advertise Bestpass to your members, helping them understand and leverage the benefits of our software.
  • Newsletter content: You can include Bestpass feature articles in your member newsletters, giving your members useful resources to help them improve everyday operations.
  • Web posts: Your association can upgrade your webpages with valuable insights by posting Bestpass information on your website.


What We Do

At Bestpass, we act as your association's single point of contact for all things toll-related. We give you and your members access to our industry-recognized team of knowledgeable customer support staff to assist you with our software. If you ever need to contact the tolling authorities to resolve an issue, the pros at Bestpass will do it for you.

We will also provide sales training and marketing materials to ensure your team is equipped to promote Bestpass in the most successful way.

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What’s in it for members?

Your members will be sure to enjoy the seamless and efficient toll management they'll achieve with Bestpass. We send fleets a tolling transponder so they can start rolling toll with discounts. When one of their trucks goes through a tolling gantry, we'll withdraw money and post the toll to their account within 48 hours (dependent on tolling authority), making payments simple. 

Your members can also take advantage of our software's advanced reporting capabilities to gain insights into their tolling costs, including which routes and vehicles are accumulating the most expenses. We also offer exclusive discounts for fleets and owner-operators, which are determined by region

Our Trucking Association Partners

We're proud to maintain partnerships with trucking associations across the country, from New Jersey to Minnesota to Ohio and beyond. We value our partnerships and are dedicated to fostering long-lasting customer relationships — and we want to do the same for you.

Our partners include all of the following associations:

    • Motor Transport Association of Connecticut (MTAC)
    • Florida Trucking Association
    • Illinois Trucking Association
    • Indiana Motor Truck Association (IMTA)
    • Massachusetts Motor Transportation Association (MMTA)
    • Minnesota Trucking Association (MTA)
    • New Jersey Motor Truck Association
    • Trucking Association of New York (TANY)
    • Ohio Trucking Association (OTA)
    • Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association (PMTA)
    • Rhode Island Trucking Association (RITA)

Get Discounts On Toll Services With Solutions From Bestpass

You can get fleet toll discounts for your association and members at Bestpass. As trusted partners on the road and in the back office across the U.S. and Canada, we create win-win solutions for everyone involved in the tolling process. With over 20 years of service, we're the toll management company you can rely on.

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