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    Bestpass & ORDP Partnership

Bestpass & ORDP Partnership


Why We Partnered

Bestpass has partnered with ORDP to provide our customers with the ability to protect their careers and get help with legal costs. Together, we will be able to be a one stop shop for toll management and legal protection. The monthly payment will be bundled with toll payments, so it's one less bill to worry about.

At Bestpass, our goal has always been to help ease the load you carry with toll management. This partnership allows us to go beyond toll management and now offer you legal protection with convenience. 


What is ORDP?

ORDP, (Open Road Drivers Plan®), is an industry leader in CDL Legal Protection. Designed specifically for today’s professional truck driver, ORDP puts local, licensed attorneys on your side, whenever and wherever you need them. ORDP offers you the most for your money, whether it’s paid CDL attorney fees, bond or bail postings and appeal fees. ORDP is the legal plan that offers outstanding protection.

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How It Works

  1. You sign up for ORDP. If you need help with any pre-existing tickets, we can provide coverage for an additional fee. If not, no need to do anything unless you get a ticket, which is when ORDP will represent you.
  2. A CDL attorney will represent you. Continue to stay on road while we work to keep your CDL points low.
  3. Continue to drive protected. As a Bestpass customer with ORDP coverage, your legal fees and CSA points are covered and taken care of.


I’m a Bestpass customer, how do I learn more?

Give us a call or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will follow up with more information about our partnership and get you signed up for ORDP immediately. 

When I get a ticket ORDP picks up the whole bill? 

Yes, that’s right! At ORDP, they don’t cover “just pay a percentage” of your CDL attorney’s fee for covered violations. You need a legal plan that takes care of everything, and that’s what they are here for.

So, I don’t pay anything? 

After membership fees are paid, the only thing you’ll be responsible for as a member of ORDP, concerning covered violations is any court costs or fines associated with the outcome of your traffic case. That’s it. 

After your case is completed, you’ll receive paperwork from ORDP and your attorney revealing the outcome. While you’re not required to, we recommend you keep the paperwork for your records. 

For more information around pricing, please call support at 888-410-9696.

What type of traffic tickets are covered? Are any excluded?

We cover moving violations, including speeding 15 over, non-moving violations, overweight/overlength violations and hours of service violations. 

We do not cover DUI's, driving with a suspended license, driving without a CDL and anything drug-related. 

Please click here for more information around what tickets are covered and excluded. 


Learn More About Our ORDP Partnership

If you're looking to simplify large trucking fleet toll management for your company, Bestpass can help. Our comprehensive payment platform is designed to deliver considerable time and cost savings, dependable data accuracy, and simple payment consolidation to make toll management for trucking fleets easier than ever.


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