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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Bestpass and what do they offer?

Bestpass was founded by the New York Trucking Association in 2001 as a benefit to help their members simplify toll and has grown to become a nationwide leader in commercial toll management. We streamline your toll billing by consolidating all your toll bills into a single account and statement. Instead of contacting the various tolling authorities that issue individual toll bills, you can simply reach out to Bestpass. Our nationwide toll plans cover 100% of toll roads across the U.S.

Does Bestpass serve all carriers and drivers?

Yes, we work with both owner-operators and fleets.It's not limited to over-the-road drivers—anyone utilizing tolls can reap the benefits of Bestpass. Regardless of whether you accumulate stacks of toll bills or receive a few each month, our solution is designed to optimize discounts and savings while managing tolls in any capacity.

Will my current toll violations make me ineligible for Bestpass ?

Not at all. Violations aren’t like speeding tickets. In fact, we help fleets or drivers like you reduce up to 80% or more of violations. Additionally, we provide reporting that allows you to identify when there are issues or mistakes. 

Can Bestpass help me resolve my current toll violations?

Yes, Bestpass can help resolve current violations by making payments against those you’ve received. Bestpass will pays the late fees and fines if a violation has escalated. We also register plates with the toll authorities to prevent future violations.  

Violations resolutions are charged depeding on the plan you choose.

I am not sure which transponder I need, can Bestpass help me?

Absolutely, our team of tolling specialists is at your service. We take the time to understand your routes and coverage requirements, allowing us to suggest the optimal transponder package for you. Moreover, we'll upload your plate information to all toll authorities, ensuring you steer clear of violations when you venture beyond your designated coverage area.

How much does a transponder cost?

Costs are based on the required coverage.  

Our offerings include: 

  • E-ZPass transponders (for the Northeast, Illinois and Florida) cost $0 per transponder 
  • Horizon transponders for southern states (including Texas) are $25 each + $12.50/month
  • The Complete Pass transponder with coast-to-coast coverage is $55 each + $14/month

Monthly lease options are also available.  

Is the platform mobile friendly?

It is! In fact, you can add an icon to your phone or tablet for fast access to data. 

How can Bestpass help me manage expenses?

With over 100 reports ready to go, Bestpass visualizes your toll- related data to keep you constantly updated. We offer cost centers that allow you to assign one more vehicle to the unit/center and run a report to keep track of the toll costs by unit or location. 

What states does Bestpass cover?

We cover 100% of major toll roads in those states, providing the largest coverage in the industry. View our coverage maps. 

Who do I contact if I am having issues with the portal?

Customer service can be reached at 888.410.9696 

What are the operating hours for live customer assistance?

Our customer service team operates from 8am to 5pm EST, Monday - Friday, and can be reached by calling 888.410.9696. We also offer a live chat feature during these hours. Support via email is also available at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

Who is Drivewyze and what does this new partnership mean for me?

Drivewyze is a connected truck leader that creates driver-centric safety and compliance solutions, including PreClear, a service that provides weigh station bypasses through the largest weigh station bypass program in North America. Drivewyze offers practical solutions to maximize driving time, improve driver safety, and increase fuel efficiency. Whether you’re looking for weigh station bypass, proactive driver notifications, or other connected truck solutions, your drive deserves a smoother journey and Drivewyze can help. 

How often will I be billed?

You will maintain a surety (or deposit) with us. When 50% of that surety is utilized, we will replenish your account using the payment method you have on file (credit card or ACH bank draft). As your toll usage fluctuates, we automatically adjust the size of the deposit accordingly. Additionally, every month, we furnish a statement detailing your usage, assisting you in tracking your expenses for the previous calendar month.

What methods of payment are accepted for charges through my account?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and ACH bank drafts. Please note that payments via credit card will incur a 2.4% processing fee.  

Will I be notified if a payment is made?

Every night, Bestpass reviews your account to determine if replenishing the surety is necessary. If replenishment is needed, you will receive an email notification, and the replenishment process will take place shortly thereafter, automatically. Subsequently, another email will be sent to confirm the successful replenishment.

How do I upgrade my current account?

The best way to upgrade your account is by calling our support team at 888.410.9696.

I switched carriers, do I need to update Bestpass?

To ensure effective management of tolls, citations, and our diverse services, it's crucial to keep us informed about any updates to your plate and transponder information. Furnishing additional details, such as unit numbers for vehicle identification, is also advantageous. If you've transitioned to a different company, you may need a new account. For any queries or additional assistance, please feel free to reach out to our support team.

A new driver is using a vehicle already listed on my account, do I need to update anything?

No action is necessary on your part. If you intend to bill tolls to this driver, we provide a convenient service that generates invoices for you to send. For further details, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer team.

Will the portal specify exact tolling charges for each vehicle?

Yes, the reports precisely pinpoint the tolls associated with each transponder. If the transponder remained fixed to a single vehicle throughout the reporting period, the report provides a comprehensive breakdown of tolls attributed to that specific vehicle.

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