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How we approach industries
There is no single type of fleet, so we don’t take a single approach to serving our customers. Whether the fleet has 10 vehicles or 10,000 vehicles, or if it is comprised of tractors or service vans, we make sure to deliver the flexibility necessary to make the maximum impact on that fleet. We’re so flexible, we also have solutions for tolling authorities and other service providers, and we’re always looking to engage new industry sectors.
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Trucking Fleets

Bestpass covers 100 percent of the major U.S. toll roads, offering a single account and statement to cover all toll for all trucks throughout your fleet. 
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Service Fleets

Automotive fleets have unique needs when it comes to toll management. Bestpass has the answers.
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Tolling Authorities

We bridge the gap between tolling authorities and fleets to facilitate time and cost savings. 

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Keeping it simple the Bestpass way.
OEM and vendor partners of Bestpass

Providers & OEMs

Providing consumers with nationwide toll enabled vehicles right off the assembly line.

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