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Bestpass Launches New Citation Payment Service

Helping fleets easily manage strict payment requirements through automation 


ALBANY, N.Y. – Bestpass®, the comprehensive payment platform provider and leader in toll management solutions for commercial fleets, today announced an expansion of its service capabilities outside of toll with the launch of a new product, citation payment services. Citation payment services will help fleets simplify the payment process and identify opportunities for training for fleet employees who receive multiple citations.   

A longtime customer of Bestpass, National Seating & Mobility, piloted our new citation service. Charlie Capps, Fleet Manager with National Seating & Mobility shared that “the addition of citation payment services further simplifies the payment of associated costs involved with managing a large fleet of vehicles. Bestpass makes it simple to manage the payment of citations so that I can focus on optimizing the performance of my fleet.” 

Bestpass already offers toll violations management, but with the addition of citation payment services, Bestpass will be able to give customers a complete view of the hidden costs of operating a fleet. Citations are a written record of something an individual did wrong while operating their vehicle on the road or while it is parked, in many cities they are sent by mail from a camera.    

The new citation payment service will allow Bestpass customers to upload their citations to the Bestpass portal. From there, they will be given a complete view of the vehicle and associated costs. When the monthly statement is sent out, customers will receive summaries of all citations and the cost per vehicle for toll and citations.  

“We are incredibly excited to launch this new service to our customers,” said Tom Fogarty, CEO of Bestpass. “Service fleets with multiple vehicles on the road know the headache of managing all the bills. Having one place they can view payments and be sure all the payments are happening on time is important, saving fleets time and helping them understand the costs associated with running a fleet.” 


About Bestpass® 

Bestpass is the comprehensive payment platform provider and leader in toll management solutions for commercial fleets of all shapes and sizes. With more than 20,000 customers and processing more than $1.2 billion in toll transactions in the United States and Canada, Bestpass ensures data accuracy, consolidates payments, and saves its users time and money. Founded in 2001 by truckers for truckers, we are a trusted partner on the road and in the back office for customers and tolling authorities. To learn more, visit 



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