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A shot of a team of bicycle riders wearing colorful socks, riding down the road. To the lover right is the logo for the Tour De Cure - American Diabetes Association

Driving Awareness for Diabetes in Trucking

Truck drivers constantly on the road, delivering goods to homes. Despite travelling from one part of the country to the other, drivers are at increased risk for health problems such as diabetes. According to the National Institute of Health, prevalence of diabetes is 50% higher in truck drivers compared to the general population. These health concerns can place a great deal of pressure on drivers, as well as family members and at Bestpass, we want to raise awareness and share tips for keeping healthy on the road.

We partnered with Tour De Cure to highlight this health risk because we know how challenging it can be to stay healthy on the road. With long hours and pressure to get a drive done quickly, we wanted to share some tips for staying healthy on the road.   

Three Ways You or Your Drivers Can Stay Healthy:

1. Keep Medical Records on Your Person

As a truck driver, you typically spend more time on the road than at home. Because of this, it is a good idea to ensure all your medical records are up to date. In the event you need to receive medical attention in another state while travelling, then you have the records on hand. Most health care providers use electronic health records and can print a copy of your records, including medications and any lab results. It is a good idea to carry your records in a folder, or on a USB drive if you choose to save them electronically.

2. Add Physical Activity to Your Routine

Physical activity does not need to be strenuous. Next time you make a stop, you can try walking around the parking lot a few times. Start with small goals. For example, if you stop to go to the bathroom, walk for ten minutes before you continue your trip. Three stops a day would then equate to thirty minutes of exercise.

3. Choose Healthy Food Options

Choosing healthy food while on the road can be extremely difficult, especially when rest areas are dominated by fast food franchises. There are many resources available for you to use, such as American Diabetes Association. ADA offers information for what food you should eat as a diabetic. There are other great general resources, like USDA. USDA offers different sections based on type of food and even offer a category specific to dine-in/take out fare. 

Diabetes will continue to be a prevalent issue in the trucking industry. But with the right tools and resources available, we can all do our part to prevent it.

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