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Trucking Fleets Who Use Bestpass Improve ROI and Productivity  

Results Revealed in Bestpass’ New White Paper, “The ROI of a Toll Management Program” developed by Hobson & Company

Bestpass today released its findings from a study that quantifies time and cost savings for fleets who use toll management and payments through a single point of contact. These metrics are presented in a white paper, “The ROI of a Toll Management Program.” The study found that when fleets utilize the Bestpass service for key business processes - specifically for toll management and payments - they improve return on investment (ROI) and productivity considerably.  

Research for the white paper was conducted by ​Hobson & Company​, a leading firm focused on ROI studies. The firm conducted in-depth interviews with Bestpass customers of all fleet sizes to obtain metrics from the companies that use Bestpass’ toll management solution. Some of the key metrics reported by commercial fleets using Bestpass’ toll management solution include:

  • 40% reduction in time managing transponders
  • 30% reduction in time managing payments to multiple tolling authorities
  • 50% reduction in time managing violations
  • 80% reduction in number of violations
  • 95% reduction in payment errors

The white paper confirms what fleets already know – using a toll management solution such as Bestpass saves significant time in the back office and reduces costs. However, the study is the first to provide concrete evidence from fleets who utilize these toll management solutions. 

“Fleets are seeing real and sustained value in trusting Bestpass as their toll management solution. It’s great to have an independent party verify that they save time, money and a huge amount of aggravation by eliminating the headaches associated with managing their program in-house,” said Tom Fogarty, CEO of Bestpass. “Hobson & Company did an excellent job measuring ROI factors and quantifying the improvements that our solutions deliver to customers. The value Bestpass brings to fleets large and small is compelling, and we know that organizations who utilize these services will save money and time,” he added.

To read, “The ROI of a Toll Management Program,” download it here and understand your fleets ROI with toll management by using our new ROI calculator

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