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Bestpass Launches New Website and Thought Leadership Series

September 22, 2020


Latest White Paper Explains “Toll Management: Why Transponders Still Matter in a License Plate World”

ALBANY, N.Y. – Bestpass®, the comprehensive payment platform provider and leader in toll management solutions for commercial fleets in North America, recently launched a new website at, as well as a thought leadership series of white papers and other materials to help educate commercial fleets on the subject of toll management.

“The new website and thought leadership series represent our commitment to innovation at every level and in every aspect of our business,” said Ken Creager, Bestpass Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We will continue to push the envelope in providing toll management service and expertise to all of our customers, as well as across the commercial fleet and tolling industries.”

The latest white paper, “Toll Management: Why Transponders Still Matter in a License Plate World,” is currently available on the new website. The rise of all-electronic tolling across the United States has resulted in new challenges for commercial fleets, especially if they are heavy toll facility users with a national footprint. Fleets can benefit from strategically deploying transponders by being able to optimize the operational cost of using toll roads, by accessing as many discounts as possible, and by receiving toll transactions more quickly.

The Bestpass white paper series offers thoughtful analysis and keen insights on the tolling industry and how tolls impact commercial fleets. The company's blue paper series offers practical advice on how to get the most out of Bestpass toll management solutions.

The new website also offers a streamlined sign-up process for owner-operators, as well as additional resources for commercial fleets to determine the potential value of a toll management solution on their operations and bottom line.

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