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New White Paper on Violations for Commercial Fleets

March 4, 2021


The latest in the thought leadership series “Take Control of Toll: How Violations Work and How to Minimize Fleet Impact” highlights some toll challenges and solutions to today’s market. 

We recently released a new white paper on “Take Control of Toll: How Violations Work and How to Minimize Fleet Impact.”

“The newest white paper is a result of our continued efforts to educate our customers on all aspects of effective toll management,” said Ken Creager, Bestpass Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “With the rise of all-electronic tolling across the country, violations and paper invoices can have a significant impact on our customers’ operations, especially for the large fleets with national footprints.”

Any commercial fleet that operates on tolled roads or bridges is subject to the possibility of violations, which most often come with additional cost and delayed processing time. The new white paper outlines a diligent and comprehensive approach to toll management, including anticipating violations, actions to minimize their occurrence, and understanding how to handle them when they do occur.

The Bestpass white paper series is part of a broader thought leadership initiative to provide thoughtful analysis and keen insights on the tolling industry and how tolls impact commercial fleets.

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