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Semi truck driving through a tolling plaza

What Happens if I Speed Through a Toll Booth?  

Here at Bestpass, we get asked this question more than you would think. The Speed Enforcement Policy is in place for your safety and the safety of others around you. Safety is very important to the traveling public, so it is important to obey the posted speed limits, especially in the toll lanes. Most of the time, the biggest concern is ensuring that customers with a transponder can safely merge with motorists who pay cash.

Speeding through the toll booth is considered a violation. Those who violate the posted speed limit may be subject to the following*:

  • Warning notice
  • 60-day transponder suspension
  • 180-day transponder suspension
  • Transponder revocation

If you use a suspended transponder, there is a fee of $25, per toll transaction

*Please note that the above is based on a New York issued transponder and could vary between agencies.

"How do I know what the speed limit is at the toll booth?"

Each E-ZPass Only lane in each toll plaza is clearly marked with the posted speed limit for each lane. Usually the posted speed limit is 5 MPH, but can be higher at different toll plazas. Some toll lanes are signed at 20 MPH, while open tolling lanes (no stopping necessary) are signed at 55 MPH. No matter what the speed limit is, the speed limit signs will always be posted and must be obeyed.

"Can a toll gantry tell how fast I'm going?"

The short answer is yes. Let's take a look at the Massachusetts Turnpike, for example. As part of the launch of all-electronic tolling on the Mass. Pike, cameras were placed on the gantries to take a photo of your license plate. MassDOT did confirm that the new system also captures your vehicle speed as you pass under each gantry.

"The toll system does in fact capture vehicle speed as the vehicle travels under the gantry," MassDOT said in a written response to MassLive. "The system also calculates speed in order to ensure the accuracy of AET billing." 

This raises the question, "Will the new system be used to issue speeding tickets?" At this time, don't expect to receive a speeding ticket in the mail. "MassDOT will not be using the AET system to issue speeding violations."

The bottom line? Don't speed through the toll lanes! The technology can tell if you are speeding and violators will be penalized! 

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