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  • Bestpass With Bypass Overview

Running and maintaining a vehicle fleet requires hard work. It can be challenging to balance toll management on top of the many responsibilities of operating a fleet. Luckily, there's a way to simplify toll payment handling without lifting a finger. Toll management becomes smoother and easier than ever when you invest in the Bestpass toll management software and add Bypass for your trucking company.

Bestpass has served as a comprehensive payment platform provider for commercial fleets since its establishment in 2001. We set ourselves apart from other companies by bridging the gap between tolling authorities and truck fleets across the nation. 

How Does Bestpass Work?

Our tolling specialists help you choose a toll pass based on your company's needs and create a detailed implementation plan that's right for you. Simply install the transponder in your truck, let it detect when you drive through a tolling gantry and charge the toll to your prepaid account. The toll charge typically appears within 48 hours (dependent on the tolling authority), connected to the corresponding vehicle.

You can see every expense in the Bestpass portal so you can better understand your tolling costs. Our toll management software comprises analytics and business intelligence features that give you more insight into your company's spending, including the number of tolls per vehicle and route costs.

What Is Bypass?

Bypass is an optional, Bestpass-compatible service that allows you to skip weigh stations in several states based on our partner agreements. This ability to keep trucks on the road helps you stay productive so you can meet or beat scheduled delivery time frames.

Bypass Integrations With Bestpass

Bypass capability fully integrates with our Complete Pass and Horizon Scout options.

Complete Pass Map Bypass Compatible

Bestpass Complete Pass With Bypass

If our specialists suggest the Complete Pass with Bypass for your company, you'll receive complete coverage in 25 states across the U.S. This toll pass ensures 100% major toll road coverage across all of the following states:

Bestpass Horizon Scout With Bypass

With the Horizon Scout and Bypass integration, you'll enjoy toll management and bypass services in:

Benefits of Bestpass With Bypass

You can take the complexity out of toll management and the inconvenience out of weight inspections with Bestpass with Bypass. If our tolling specialists recommend this toll pass for your company, you can expect to benefit from its various features and perks.

  • Coast-to-Coast Coverage

    Bestpass with Bypass supports your fleet no matter where your route takes you. This solution delivers comprehensive coverage from the east to the west coast, ensuring you're covered whether you're traveling to New York, Florida, Colorado, California or anywhere in between.

  • Toll-by-Plate

    One of the greatest benefits of Bestpass with Bypass is its toll-by-plate feature. Toll-by-plate is when we log your plates with the tolling authorities, which allows you to itemize your toll costs by truck and pay them with money from your prepaid account. 

    The toll-by-plate feature helps you save money by reducing your toll violations. If your transponder isn't read correctly at a tolling gantry, our software will detect the error and use your filed plate to charge the money to your account, preventing you from getting a violation. When you minimize the risk of violations, you have fewer tickets to pay.

  • Single No-Clutter Device

    When you order Bestpass with Bypass, you'll receive a single innovative device to simplify all your back-office tolling operations. This unobtrusive transponder minimizes windshield clutter by attaching seamlessly to the glass, letting you install it within a matter of seconds.

Who Uses Bestpass With Bypass?

The Bestpass with Bypass coverage option is the ideal solution for trucking and service fleets with six or more vehicles and owner-operators looking for comprehensive coast-to-coast coverage. Some of the many individuals who benefit from this toll pass include:

  • Trucking company owners
  • Fleet CEOs, presidents, owners, directors, administrators and managers
  • Transportation coordinators, directors, planners and managers
  • Safety managers
  • Service managers

Bestpass & Drivewyze Partnership

Drivewyze is a connected truck leader that creates driver-centric safety and compliance solutions, including PreClear, a service that provides weigh station bypasses through the largest weigh station bypass program in North America. Drivewyze offers practical solutions to maximize drive time, improve driver safety, and improve fuel efficiency.

Bestpass has partnered with Drivewyze to move your business further than ever before. Together, we now feature the widest and most advanced network of weigh station bypass and toll coverage available, helping you control tolls costs, improve fleet operations, and increase driver satisfaction.

Read more here.

Invest in a Bestpass Comprehensive Toll Pass to Serve Your Needs

You can make toll management easier and freight deliveries faster with Bestpass. Our state-of-the-art platform means achieving data accuracy and consolidating payments to keep your costs down. Over 30,000 customers across the U.S. use our customizable software, with 700,000 of our transponders currently on the road. We handle over 300,000 toll transactions daily and more than $1 billion in transactions yearly.

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