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Florida Toll Roads

The Sunshine State is home to the most toll roads of any state in the U.S. With well over 700 miles of toll roads, your trucking or service fleet can efficiently navigate across the state to fulfill your operations. It's important to know how you can pay these tolls and how an all-in-one toll management solution can save your company time and money.

FAQs About Using Florida Toll Roads for Commercial Fleets

Tolls are a significant expense for trucking and service fleets. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about toll booth payments in Florida. 

1. Does Florida Have Tolls?

Yes. In fact, Florida leads the nation in toll roads with 734 miles! Tolls are applied on various routes including interstate highways like the Florida Turnpike, Alligator Alley, and Bee Line Expressway; coastal island bridges such as Garcon Point and Mid-Bay Bridges; and other roads like those under the Central Florida Expressway Authority system.

2. How Much Is a Toll in Florida?

Toll rates in Florida vary by location and the number of axles your vehicle has. The toll prices are outlined by region:

Drivers and owner-operators can expect to pay toll fees ranging from $0.28 to $15.00. Bestpass has developed a strategy that merges all Florida toll passes into a single, easy-to-use platform to keep your fleet on track.

3. How Do I Pay Tolls in Florida?

Florida tolls are primarily paid through SunPass, cash or Toll by Plate payment methods. Cash toll booths often become congested, so it's recommended that you use the Express Toll Service. The following toll roads do not currently accept cash payments:

  • Florida Turnpike from Exit 1 to 47 
  • State Road 953, 924, 878, 876, 874, 821, 618, 91 
  • The homestead extension
  • Some portions of I-75 and I-92
  • The I-95 express lanes

4. Can I Use E-ZPass in Florida?

Yes. E-ZPass is now accepted in the entire state of Florida as well as Illinois, Maine and North Carolina. The Uni portable toll pass is also accepted in Florida. Use the SunPass toll calculator to get an estimate for a specific destination or understand average route costs in Florida.

5. Can I Drive Through Florida Tolls Without a SunPass?

Yes, you can still use the toll roads in Florida even if you do not have a SunPass transponder. Some toll roads offer cash payment and Toll by Plate options, but not all of them do. It's important to keep track of the accepted payment methods for each toll road if you do not have a SunPass. 

6. What Happens If I Fail to Pay My Florida Toll?

Most toll roads in Florida accept some form of electronic payment, making it easy to avoid driving through a toll booth. However, if you miss a toll road payment, you'll be charged the toll fee and an additional administration fee for each violation

Simplify Fleet Toll Management With Solutions From Bestpass

Organizing and preparing your fleet for tolls can create a heavy administrative burden. At Bestpass, our toll management solutions are designed to reduce toll costs and manual tasks so you can improve your fleet's expense management. Our software makes it easy to track payments, optimize trips and find low-cost tolls. 

With the touch of a button, you can reduce your fleet's costs and spend more time on your high-priority operations. Contact us today to learn more about limiting violations and building a customized transponder plan. 

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