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Monthly Highlights - The ROI of Toll

In our Monthly Highlights, Bestpass explores relevant and timely topics for fleets. First up is a discussion about the ROI of Toll. Join Shanna Thouin, Director of Sales, to hear about some of the hidden costs of toll. Additionally, find out how toll management solutions, like Bestpass, tackle those hidden costs and actually saves fleets time and money each and every month.

You'll learn:

  • The true cost of toll
  • Benefits of a 3rd party toll management service
  • Why 20,000+ fleets and drivers trust Bestpass to save time and money


If you spend more time than you would like managing paper bills, this is for you: bpass.us/3VWbjtN #trucking #toll #whitepaper #thoughtleadership
Spend too much time managing paperwork? Bestpass has you covered so that you can get back on the road: bpass.us/3uM2jfI #trucking #toll #transportation


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