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Fleets Should Consider the Cost of Inaction

The economy has been declining since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Supply Chain Quarterly said that in 2021 "volatility, inflation, and surging demand caused U.S. business logistics costs to increase by 22.4%".

2022 wasn't any easier as overall costs, especially maintenance and fuel costs, skyrocketed.

In partnership with Freightwaves, we asked fleets of all sizes across the U.S. to share specific information regarding their companies expense reporting/projections from 2022 and their overall satisfaction with 2022 and confidence in 2023. The survey found that fleets should make a shift in priorities to make budgeting more efficient. 

This webinar covers findings from that survey, including: 

  • 2022 expenses: not what was expected
  • The impact of tracking overall fleet performance
  • Budgeting confidence wanes in 2023
  • Tolling time and expenses go either way

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