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Comprehensive Toll Management For Fleets of All Shapes and Sizes
We don’t just develop services to be on the cutting edge of toll management and payment processing, though our innovation does often put us in that position. Rather, we have created a comprehensive suite of services to solve problems and simplify complexity. From fundamental building blocks to advanced options, we offer toll management solutions that are customizable to make the greatest impact for our customers.

Simplify Your Toll

Fundamental building blocks for successful toll management, including flexible transponder options with local, regional and national coverage, toll by plate coverage, and access to a top-notch customer service team staffed with commercial toll experts.

Empower Your Data

24/7 access to a powerful customer web portal, providing business intelligence, advanced analytics, and empowering tools that bring new proactive and self-generated insights to your fingertips.

Manage Your Fleet

Aligning fleet and business operations into manageable cost centers while reducing violations saves you valuable time and money and facilitates more effective toll management.

Engage Your Trusted Partner

Access to an array of professional and enterprise business services, depending on your fleet's level of need.


Bestpass has been an efficiency multiplier to the fleet. The solutions offered by Bestpass have expanded coverage into areas where we drive most. We have saved time and labor in the back office, and our trucks on the road are not having to stop as much to pay tolls. The Bestpass Support Team’s dedication and desire to help customers is unmatched.

Nic Davidson, Combined Transport Logistics Group, Inc.

National Emergency Response Tolling Solution

Bestpass provides toll coverage and violation mitigation for emergency responders and relief efforts, eliminating logistical hurdles when speed is vital.

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