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Toll management for owner-operators

Bestpass Engage + Drive Overview


Bestpass for owner-operators is designed to provide a simple way to get the value and benefit of the Bestpass solution through an easy-to-use, self-service portal sign up for one to five vehicles. With a few quick clicks and a bit of information, you can be on your way to consolidated billing and savings on all your toll in no time.

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Coverage and Consolidation

Consolidate toll coverage and billing based on your needs

Whether you operate regionally or nationally, Bestpass offers flexible options to easily manage your toll with a single bill and point of contact.
Bestpass Savings


Save time and money

We’ll take care of your toll, saving you time to focus on other elements of your business, and pass on discounts wherever applicable, putting money back in your pocket.


First of all, this company and all of their staff are AMAZING! From the first interaction with their Sales Team, and on going support with their Customer Support Team, I can't say enough. I've been a satisfied customer for nearly two years.

Chad Walworth, Owner-Operator
Bestpass Web Portal

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Let us simplify your toll

Operating one to five commercial vehicles? Ready to get a handle on your toll? Sign up today with our hassle free self-service portal.

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Thank you truckers for your hard work and dedication to serving our community. #thankyoutruckers #trucking
Learn the three things you should know about toll violations by downloading our white paper: #tollmanagement


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