• Toll Management for Owner-Operators

Toll management for owner-operators

As an owner-operator, you're the boss — and that means you have more responsibilities on your plate than most. Luckily, you don't have to add toll management to the list. When you invest in toll coverage, you can monitor and pay tolls without a hitch, giving you more time to focus on what matters most — running your business.

You can bridge the gap between your truck and tolling officials with Bestpass. As your trusted partner on the road and in the back office, we offer the best toll solution for owner-operators, enabling you to eliminate the hassle of toll management and save money.

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Bestpass owner-operator toll solution has you covered. Whether you travel nationally or regionally, we have the right tolling pass for you. We offer one toll bill, one point of contact for your customer service needs, and discounts wherever applicable.

If you are interested in bypass service, you can easily add that to your plan after you sign up.You can create an account with a bypass service provider after you receive your device.

We accept Visa or Mastercard, and we bill you monthly. Just like signing up with the tolling authority, you fund your tolling account at the setup, and then we automatically top up when your balance is low using the card on file. You can use our online portal to check your tolls and bills.

To sign up select your coverage at the bottom of this page and click on the button to go to the next step. Make sure to have these few things handy when you sign up:

  • License Plate
  • VIN Number
  • DOT Number
Bestpass Web Portal

Bestpass Portal

Consolidate Toll Coverage and Billing Based on Your Needs

When you use our toll solution, you'll have access to reporting that make your job easier. That means no more spending time generating and processing expense reports. 

Our Bestpass portal offers you insights into your tolling costs through on-demand reporting and helps you better understand the cost while saving you money. When a truck passes through a tolling gantry, our platform will pull money from your prepaid account and a toll will be posted to your account within 48 hours (dependent on the tolling authority). Then, you can use our portal's advanced business intelligence and analytics features to view a detailed breakdown of your tolling costs.

Our online portal displays how many toll charges you're running by vehicle and which routes are costing you the most money, if you have more then one truck. You can also assign toll expenses to specific trucks and charge back the cost for toll expenses if you are contracting out for a business or charging a customer. 

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Save With Bestpass

We’ll take care of your toll, saving you time to focus on other elements of your business, and we pass on discounts, putting money back in your pocket. We offer a range of toll coverage options for owner-operators so you can select the plan that meets your unique needs.

Each of our passes comes with different coverage options, along with significant discounts. We offer the following nationwide owner-operator toll passes for you:

  • Complete Pass: If you require coast-to-coast coverage, our tolling specialist will recommend Complete Pass Scout for its valuable cost savings.
  • E-ZPass: Get rid of violations and save money with the E-ZPass plan, which extends your toll coverage beyond E-ZPass territory.
  • Horizon Scout: Horizon Scout is excellent for those who require regional coverage, extending across 10 states.

Check out our discount overview to understand where and when you will save money.

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ExpressTruckTax, powered by Bestpass, is a leading e-filing platform for Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) via IRS Form 2290, offering easy, accurate and quick electronic filing for truckers and fleet owners, along with exceptional customer support and advanced features.


People trust Bestpass to simplify and consolidate their toll payments while delivering significant cost savings and data accuracy. You can hear from one of our many loyal customers who took advantage of our toll pass for semi-truck owner-operators:

First of all, this company and all of their staff are AMAZING! From the first interaction with their Sales Team, and on going support with their Customer Support Team, I can't say enough. I've been a satisfied customer for nearly two years.

Chad Walworth, Owner-Operator
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Let Us Simplify Your Toll

If you're interested in the best toll pass for owner-operators, look no further than Bestpass. We're dedicated to saving our customers time and money, allowing them to focus their efforts on operating their truck or fleet. When you use our all-in-one toll management solution, you'll also be backed by our best-in-class customer service team. We're proud to have served customers and tolling authorities across the country since our establishment in 2001.

Operating one to five commercial vehicles? Ready to get a handle on your toll? Get started below. Just a reminder that we only accept Visa or Mastercard. 

Sign Up Today 

We offer three transponder options. When you sign up you pay upfront for the toll deposit and the activation fee for a total of $375. With your first invoice you will be charge your monthly service fee and the one-time cost for your transponder. 

Our toll service is pre-paid, meaning that when you sign up you pre-pay $350 for toll. When you start running toll, we take it out of your pre-paid deposit. Once you hit 50% of the pre-paid amount or $175, we will then charge your account $175 so that you have $350 in your account. We adjust the amount you will need in your account based on how much toll you are running. 
We have three options based on where you travel:  

  • Complete Pass: Coverage for all 48 states
    $14.00 monthly fee, $55 transponder fee

  • Horizon Pass: Mainly for coverage in the south and the west coast 
    $12.50 monthly fee, $25 transponder fee
  • EZ-Pass: Mainly for coverage on the east coast
    $13.00 monthly fee, free transponder


We are always happy to help our customers! "I have never had a problem with Bestpass that wasn’t resolved in one call. I recommend this service to anyone who expects quality and trouble-free service." #trucking #toll #testimonial #transportation
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