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Top Metrics Fleets Can Track with Toll Management  

Software companies are always talking about business and marketing key performance indicators (KPIs), but very often they do not delve into what they offer as KPI metrics and how the data they have can be useful for your fleet. The data isn’t useful if you can’t use it to manage, maintain, and improve your fleet!   

What Are the Main Metrics You Can Use Bestpass to Track?  

Toll Activity & Toll Usage by Vehicle 

Bestpass offers data on each vehicle in your fleet with a breakdown of toll costs to help you track how much every individual vehicle is costing you. This can help you change the way your entire fleet operates by focusing on the vehicles that cost you the most and whether they are taking the most efficient routes.  

Using the Bestpass portal, you can track toll activity by type, date, plate number, agency, and exit plaza. You can also follow a single vehicle’s tolling activities to see if trucks are hitting the tolls on their assigned routes. The Bestpass portal is laptop, PC, mobile, and tablet friendly with easy-to-view and download tolling reports so you can share your tolling information or import it into your own system with the Bestpass API.  

Vehicle & Device Management  

With a list of vehicles and devices, it is easy to keep track of your trucks, no matter their size or route. Our portal ensures that you can find every single truck in your fleet and manage the transponder associated with it along with the toll spend.  

At any time, you can add, remove, or edit the vehicles in your fleet. Whether it’s an 18-wheeler, an electric truck, or a smaller vehicle, you can adjust the VRC, license plate, VIN, and ownership of the vehicle. 

Violations & Citations  

Ask any driver, owner, or fleet manager and they will all tell you: violations and citations are a pain in the bumper. When you get a violation, simply upload it to the Bestpass portal and then we will ensure that it is added to the vehicle and if your plate is not on file, we will add it to your account to avoid future violations. Each violation will appear in the violations & citations tab of your portal with the time, date, vehicle, fee, status, and documentation of the issue. It is important to keep track of any repeating issues, whether that be repeat violations across your fleet or reoccurring issues with specific drivers.  

Empower Reporting  

Our Empower Reporting is where you can filter and visualize all your tolling data. In our reporting, you can quickly dispatch, organize, visualize, and download every piece of your tolling data to get a better view of your overall toll history and costs. Recent updates to Empower reporting make it easier to use than ever  

A silver laptop is open to show the Bestpass main portal, displaying the company's toll expense by post date

Toll Calculator  

Have you ever wished you could calculate your toll costs for toll routes across the USA? With the toll calculator available in the portal, your wish has been granted! Other calculations do not account for metrics like vehicle category or the number of axles which can change the accuracy of your toll estimates, but it can help you better understand costs.  

Why These Metrics Matter  

Now more than ever, it is important for fleet managers to be able to quickly access and analyze essential information and costs. By using Bestpass you as the fleet manager will have essential insights related to where you could be overspending on tolls, trucking routes optimization, and violation costs. Bestpass’ connections with tolling authorities around the USA can provide your fleet with discounts that you will be able to see on your monthly statements.  

The more visibility and understanding you have, the better you can grow, manage, and maintain your fleet…and who knows what new metrics we will come out with next! 

Let Bestpass Have Your Back!

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