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Maryland Motor Truck Association Toll Management Program

March 23, 2021


We recently acquired the Maryland Motor Truck Association (MMTA) toll management program, adding more than 400 commercial fleets to its customer base. 

Since MMTA launched its commercial toll program in 2002, Bestpass has provided back office and toll processing support, including tracking toll usage and accounts receivable service and support. The former MMTA toll program customers now have full access to the Bestpass toll management system, from the customer web portal and online analytics to new transponder options and expanded toll coverage.

“Maryland Motor Truck has been an invaluable partner for nearly two decades, and we’re enthusiastic to continue to serve their members and help them save even more time and money on their toll,” said Bestpass CEO Tom Fogarty. “We also welcome these new commercial fleet customers and look forward to providing them with our first-in-class service and support.”

“Offering toll management to our members has long been a point of pride for MMTA, and Bestpass has provided us with many of the tools necessary to deliver a robust and valuable program,” said MMTA President and CEO Louis Campion. “By fully moving the program to Bestpass, we can ensure continuity of operations and that our members will see even more value through expanded options.”


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