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    Bestpass & Drivewyze Partnership

Bestpass & Drivewyze Partnership

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Why We Partnered

Bestpass has partnered with Drivewyze to move your business further than ever before. Together, we now feature the widest and most advanced network of weigh station bypass and toll coverage available, helping you control tolls costs, improve fleet operations, and increase driver satisfaction.

At Bestpass, our goal has always been to help ease the load you carry with toll management. This partnership allows us to continue delivering outstanding service, and now offer you even more accessibility and convenience. 

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Who is Drivewyze

Drivewyze is a connected truck leader that creates driver-centric safety and compliance solutions. Their weigh station bypass solution, PreClear, provides the largest weigh station bypass program in North America. Drivewyze offers practical solutions to maximize drive time and improve driver safety and fuel efficiency. Whether you’re looking for weigh station bypass, proactive driver notifications, or other connected truck solutions, your drive deserves a smoother journey, and Drivewyze can help.

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  • Drivewyze PreClear | Provides bypass opportunities at over 900 fixed weigh stations and mobile inspection sites across 47 states and provinces, right on your in-cab ELD, telematics device, tablet or smartphone. Learn More
  • Drivewyze Safety+ | Helps you communicate with your drivers before potential hazards, giving drivers the information they need to respond safely to the road ahead. Their in-cab safety notifications are like virtual road signs, delivering critical information ahead of the locations that matter to your fleet. Learn More
  • Drivewyze Free | North America’s only no-cost Safety Service for Commercial Trucks. It provides drivers with exclusive, high-impact in-cab safety alerts and advisories, alongside insights on fleet performance, enhancing driver safety and operational efficiency. Learn More
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I’m a Bestpass customer, how do I learn more?

Give us a call or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will follow up with more information about our partnership and put you in touch with Drivewyze if you are interested in signing up for bypass. 

I'm a Drivewyze customer, what does this mean for me?

Nothing will change right now for you. We are collaborating on reporting that will be available soon.

I would be interested in signing up for Bestpass and Drivewyze, how do I get started?

Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page, and we will be in touch to help you understand how Bestpass can help you manage your toll, and connect you with Drivewyze to set you up for success.

Learn More About Toll Management And Our Drivewyze Partnership

If you're looking to simplify large trucking fleet toll management for your company, Bestpass can help. Our comprehensive payment platform is designed to deliver considerable time and cost savings, dependable data accuracy, and simple payment consolidation to make toll management for trucking fleets easier than ever.

Also, let us know if you want to learn more about our Drivewyze partnership and how weigh station bypass can help your company.

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