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Bestpass Web Portal

Let us simplify your toll

Bestpass offers one toll bill, one point of contact for your customer service needs, and discounts wherever applicable. If you are interested in bypass service, you can easily add that to your plan as you sign up.

We accept Visa or Mastercard, and we bill you monthly. Just like signing up with the tolling authority, you fund your tolling account at the setup, and then we automatically top up when your balance is low using the card on file. You can use our portal to check your tolls and bills.

Owner-Operator Sign Up

If you have 1-5 vehicles get started by selecting the coverage you need for your first vehicle. You will have an opportunity to add additional vehicles and select a different coverage option down the road. 

Owner Operator Application iFrame example

Toll management for owner-operators

Bestpass Web Portal

Bestpass Portal

Consolidate toll coverage and billing based on your needs

Our Bestpass portal offers you insights into your tolling costs and helps you better understand the cost of toll while saving you money. 

Bestpass Savings


Save with Bestpass

We’ll take care of your toll, saving you time to focus on other elements of your business, and we pass on discounts, putting money back in your pocket. Check out our discount overview to understand where and when you will save money.


First of all, this company and all of their staff are AMAZING! From the first interaction with their Sales Team, and on going support with their Customer Support Team, I can't say enough. I've been a satisfied customer for nearly two years.

Chad Walworth, Owner-Operator

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