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Most Expensive Toll Roads in the U.S.

Governments worldwide use tolling to pay for road construction and maintenance. The money collected from toll roads provides an alternative funding source when traditional options fall short. 

Toll management systems bring significant value by making infrastructure projects more sustainable, improving the driver experience and preventing backups. In 1989, the introduction of electronic toll collection ushered tolling into the digital age, removing the need to collect manual payments. The result made toll roads far more efficient and aided traffic flow.

While tolls contribute to operational and infrastructural improvement, the fees can add up quickly for owner-operators and large fleets alike. Knowing which toll roads cost the most to travel through will help you plan more cost-effective trucking routes, saving your company hundreds in operating costs, truck maintenance and fuel expenses.

Where Are the Priciest Toll Roads in the U.S.?

Toll rates can vary depending on factors such as vehicle type, distance traveled, time of day and the specific toll road. Some toll roads have fixed rates, and others may implement dynamic pricing to manage traffic flow and encourage off-peak travel. 

Route planning can save owner-operators and trucking companies a small fortune in toll charges and fuel while maximizing efficiency, meeting deadlines, enhancing customer satisfaction and avoiding traffic congestion. These are some routes and tax facilities to steer clear of if possible.

The Three Most Expensive Toll Roads in America

These are the three U.S. routes with the highest per-mile toll truck prices.

  1. Chicago to New York City: The two most expensive trips on this list are to and from New York City. Getting there from Chicago will cost over $440. The journey is 826 miles long, which means each mile will cost you $0.53.
  2. New York City to Baltimore: Driving from NYC to Baltimore can cost between $200 and $250 in tolls. This trip is 210 miles long, which means toll costs add up to approximately $1 for every mile driven.
  3. Atlantic City to Chicago: Costs can quickly accumulate when traveling between these cities. The total will be around $402, which equals $0.49 per mile. As an 831-mile drive, this is a long and expensive route.

The Cheapest Toll Points in the U.S.

These five toll points have the lowest commercial truck toll rates.

  1. The Boulevard Bridge in Virginia is America's most cost-effective toll road for commercial trucks. At only $0.35, this is the route to take if you want to save on fees.
  2. You'll find the second-lowest toll price at Florida's Goldenrod Road Extension, at $0.50 to pass.
  3. Memorial Bridge is a toll facility in West Virginia that also costs $0.50 to pass.
  4. The next on the list is in Virginia, costing a mere $0.70 to pass Route 195.
  5. The fifth and final toll point on this list is also in West Virginia. You only need $0.75 to get through the toll and continue your journey.

The Most Expensive Toll Points in the U.S.

These are the country's most expensive toll roads. Many of them are on central arteries, but you can avoid them with careful planning.

  1. The Pennsylvania Turnpike is the most expensive toll road in the world by a considerable margin. The average two-axel vehicle driver must pay $112.91, but it can cost trucks over $200.
  2. The second most expensive toll road in the U.S. is Whiteface Mountain Memorial Highway in New York. It will cost $28.05 to get past. While this is a high price for one toll, it is only around 25% of the Pennsylvania Turnpike's price.
  3. Florida's Ronald Reagan Turnpike toll road charges commercial trucks $26.45 to pass through.
  4. The James W. Shocknessy Ohio Turnpike costs $20.50.

The Evolution of Tolling

Toll roads' primary advantage is the ability to generate revenue that governments can reinvest into maintaining and enhancing highways. They make infrastructure projects more financially sustainable and contribute to efficient traffic management. Toll road authorities can enhance the overall transportation network by implementing innovative technologies and adopting user-friendly practices.

Tolling on bridges, roads and tunnels has significantly improved the user experience over the past three decades. With electronic toll collection, drivers can experience faster and smoother transactions, eliminating the need to stop and search for exact change. These systems increase efficiency and reduce congestion at tolls, improving traffic flow and reducing environmental impact. 

However, despite these advancements, there are still complications. According to a Deloitte report, U.S. toll authorities fail to collect approximately $2.24 billion annually due to breakdowns and errors in the collection process. This eye-opening statistic illustrates how much room for improvement there is. 

The industry must adopt advanced payment collection methods, including third-party apps, to streamline operations, make toll payments as seamless as possible and avoid costly mistakes. Simplifying processes for fleets and tolling authorities is the best way to keep moving forward. Until then, toll authorities must stay flexible and show understanding when handling disputes and errors. 

The Value of Toll Management

Without a standardized process, many fleets pay far more in toll expenses than they need to. Even the most organized fleet manager can quickly become overwhelmed with paperwork, violations, and fees for each vehicle. Trucking company owners should periodically review their processes to identify what works and what needs more attention, especially when juggling multiple vehicles and routes. A toll management solution lets you avoid expensive violations and other fees. 

Managing tolls internally is one option, but outsourcing might make more sense for for a thriving or growing fleet. Besides benefiting your bottom line, third-party toll management services can save time on administrative tasks and reduce the paperwork you must file.

Simplify Tolling With Bestpass

Failing to pay a toll can result in violations and fines for your company, but managing your fleet's toll payments can be a lot of hard work on top of everything else you need to do. Bestpass understands what it takes to manage a trucking business, and we offer beneficial toll management solutions for fleets. Our software and services are on the cutting edge of toll management, toll-by-plate coverage and payment processing. We offer flexible transponder options with regional, local and national coverage. When you partner with us, you will also gain access to our commercial toll experts.

Bestpass is the best way to simplify the complexities of managing toll payments. Trust our knowledge and unmatched solutions to oversee your fleet. Contact us or sign up for our services today to learn more.

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