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Thank You, Drivers!  

Driver’s Appreciation Week 2021

This week, September 12 - 18, is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. It is an important time for us to pay respect and thank all the professional truck drivers for their hard work and commitment in undertaking one of our economy’s most demanding and important jobs.  We recognize the work that they have done all year, keeping the economy moving and highlight the 3.5 million professional men and women that do an amazing job every day delivering our goods safely, securely, and on time. 

We asked the Bestpass team why they are thankful for the truckers and our customers who keep us moving.  

Our executives appreciate drivers: 

"It has often been said that truck drivers are the true heroes of the U.S. economy, and this has never been truer than over the past 18 months.  Despite the conditions brought with COVID and quarantines, truck drivers rose to the challenge with flying colors, using creativity, supreme effort and often at great personal risk.  These drivers are the unsung essential workers, and Bestpass is proud of their remarkable work and pleased to have the opportunity to support them with our toll management solutions.  Let us take this week to salute their service and contribution!"

– Tom Fogarty, CEO 
“In times where the norm is anything but the normal, we all owe a great debt of gratitude to the truck drivers who routinely and consistently travel our national highways to keep food on the shelves and our businesses and economy moving.   Bestpass is thrilled to play a small part in making those journeys less stressful and timelier.”

– John Andrews, President and Chief Strategy Officer 

“I appreciate our customers and truck drivers everywhere because of the essential role they fill in keeping America moving.  If it weren’t for truck drivers spending so many hours on the roads, away from their families and friends, we wouldn’t have access to the food, medical supplies and goods needed for everyday life, something I think we all tend to take for granted.  I have an even deeper appreciation after the past 19 months of COVID when drivers took to the roads in an uncertain world, putting their own health at possible risk during quarantines and travel restrictions, to help ensure we all had access to what we needed to stay as safe and healthy as possible.  Thank you!”

– Heather Nolan, SVP of product growth 

Our Bestpass finance team appreciates drivers: 

“I appreciate truck drivers daily as their job is not just driving trucks. They have maintenance; inspections; local, state, federal governmental regulations; and health and safety always on their minds. They transport and deliver absolutely everything imaginable.  
My family has truck drivers, and I have friends who are truck drivers. I could go on and on (on why I appreciate truck drivers), but I appreciate their endless days, the traffic jams they sit through, and the regular drivers who do not understand how heavy their trucks are and they cannot stop on a dime. The driving industry is vast, and it is not the easiest job that is for sure. So, thank you!” 

 Susan S., Controller

Our Bestpass operations team appreciates drivers: 

"Often people don’t recognize the constant commitment, time, and effort truckers dedicate to making our lives function smoothly. They are the reason we have stocked shelves in our stores, seamless deliveries, and access to life’s necessities."

– Mary R., Support Operations 

Our Bestpass sales team appreciates drivers: 

“Thank you to the Truck Drivers who sacrifice time away from their family & friends to delivery essential goods to make our lives much easier.  I do appreciate the hard work, determination, and dedication it takes to get the job done.  Once again THANK YOU.” 

– Michael M., VP of Business Development

 “My dad was an OTR driver when I was young. I remember he hauled such a variety of cool things, and I always loved to hear what he had loaded for the week and where he was going. He was also a Marine and recently retired from hauling equipment at a military base. I have a great appreciation for all drivers and their families waiting for them at home!” 

 Heather S., Account Executive

“Truck drivers are not only essential in the world today, but they are also the number ONE reason why the world goes around.” 

– Chris A., Account Executive

"Dear Truck Driver, thank you for the countless hours spent away from your families, risking your well-being to ensure I have access to basic necessities. Couldn’t do it without you. Your tenacious determination has not gone unnoticed. I appreciate your dedication and hard work." 

 – Tori S., Account Executive 

Our Bestpass marketing and communications team appreciates drivers: 

“Truck drivers and their willingness to be on the road constantly means that I can have so many essentials (food, diapers, clothes) delivered all to my door, faster than ever before. Their hard work makes my life easier and keeps my family running.” 

– Jenn C., Marketing Manager 

“Truck drivers have been critical in making sure that people across the country have what they need in very uncertain times. Clearly, they’ve always delivered, but their ongoing perseverance as the world changed is a testament to their professionalism and commitment. Thank you, drivers.” 

– Nick C., Director of Communications 
Please join all of us at Bestpass by celebrating and thanking our drivers and the trucking industry in general!

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