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Celebrating Our Customers: Thank You for 20 Years  

Bestpass was founded in 2001 by the Trucking Association of New York (TANY), and 20 years later, we have grown into a company with 120 employees, 20,000 customers and over 300,000 daily toll transactions. The last year has been exciting as we celebrated 100% growth. We reached out to two of our long-time customers to ask them what makes us a valuable partner on the road and in the back office.  

Ronnie Pannell, permit manager of KLLM Transport Services, FFE Transportation Services, and Ecoshield Transport, has a combined 2,500 trucks on the road. They have been a customer of Bestpass for 15 years, and Pannell shared that the convenience Bestpass provides has given them the ability to scale their business. Bestpass provides one transponder per vehicle that pays for their tolls and bypass making it easy for his companies to run tolls.   

In addition, Pannell works closely with our customer service department to get any tolling issues resolved quickly. The superior service he has received from the customer service team is part of the reason he has been a customer for so long.  

We also spoke with Ken Johnson, CEO of Leonard’s Express, who has been a customer for 20 years with over 600 vehicles on the road. He remembers when Bestpass was still known as TANY’s Thruway Safety and Savings Program. Johnson credits part of Leonard’s Express’s growth from a mid-size fleet to a large one to the simplicity of Bestpass and his team's ability to analyze their tolling bills while not having to do the back-office work.  

Johnson said the innovation and continued development of new services, as well as the addition of new tolling facilities, is one of the many things Leonard’s Express enjoys about working with Bestpass. 

What began as a Thruway Safety and Savings Program available only in New York has evolved into Bestpass, a company with over 20,000 customers and partnerships with tolling authorities from coast to coast. We look forward to seeing where we will be when we hit our next milestone.

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