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4 Tolling Challenges that Could Hurt Your Business

There are many challenges that come with running a trucking company, and a lot of them revolve around tolling. These challenges lead to a loss in revenue and wasted time.  Today, it is more important than ever to have a streamlined toll management process in place to keep your business thriving.  Below are the challenges that trucking companies face and how Bestpass can help you overcome them.

Challenge #1: Missing Out on Discounts

Small and even mid-size trucking companies do not receive the same volume discounts on tolls as mega fleets with 1,000's of trucks. How unfair! With Bestpass, however, we are able to pass those discounts on so that you can also benefit from them and save money. 

Challenge #2: Too Much Paperwork

Life would be so much easier if one agency overlooked all of the toll roads, but unfortunately that's not how it works.  Multiple tolling agencies means multiple invoices, numerous violations, and more paperwork than anyone has the patience to deal with.

We understand your frustration, and that's why we provide our customers with consolidated billing.  Only One invoice that contains all of your tolling data- whether you drove from Colorado to New York and down to Florida.  It is all on one statement to help you better use your time in the back office and spend less time drowning in paper.  

Challenge #3: Juggling Too Many Transponders

Whether you are managing a large, medium or small fleet, you are probably juggling a variety of transponders.  Sometimes keeping track of transponder data can be confusing and overwhelming. You need to stay on top of toll usage and which truck has a particular transponder at any given time. This also applies to misreads and violations that go along with that transponder. 

With Bestpass' customer web portal you have access to on-demand reporting, allowing you to filter through toll data by month, truck, state, transponder and day.  In addition, with a few clicks of the mouse you have the ability to assign, activate and deactivate transponders. 

Challenge #4: Navigating Customer Service

Our top notch customer service team is expert at toll for commercial fleets. Let us handle the tolling authorities. Bestpass was created by the Trucking Association of New York, so we understand the hardships you endure in the industry.  Our industry knowledge allows us to represent your account with the agencies, making future issues easier and quicker to resolve without you having to endure the headache of it all. 

Here at Bestpass, we pride ourselves on saving our customers time and money on toll and being invaluable partners on the road and in the back office. To date, we’ve saved our commercial customers more than $82 million on toll-related costs.

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