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Colorado Toll Roads

Colorado toll roads give service and truck fleets easy access to hubs and key ports like Denver Airport. Although Colorado only has three toll roads and no toll bridges and tunnels, you must still optimize routes to reduce the high costs your fleet accumulates. A one-platform solution will assist you in navigating the most cost-effective routes, eliminating manual toll admin and tracking costs.

Answering Your Questions About Colorado Toll Roads

Toll fees pose an administrative and financial burden on your service and truck fleets. Understanding the Colorado landscape will help you navigate the complexities and consider the solution that makes the best business sense. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we answer.

1. How Do You Pay Colorado Tolls?

You can pay your Colorado fleet tolls using a transponder device. Alternatively, you will receive a license plate photo invoice sent by mail.

2. What Happens if You Fail to Pay for Using a Toll Road in Colorado?

If you fail to pay your outstanding toll fees by the deadline, you will receive additional invoices with penalty fees. Leaving them unpaid will result in further collection penalties and civil and court costs.

3. What Are the Costs of Toll Roads in Colorado?

Colorado toll fees for your service and truck fleets depend on various factors, such as:

  • Vehicle type
  • Axle number
  • Time of day
  • Specific road
  • Payment method

Drivers and fleet owner-operators can expect to pay around $0.50-$5 per vehicle on the Express Lanes Toll Road or I-25HOV. These toll costs change constantly and can be hard to track manually. Bestpass software helps you seamlessly track toll costs and strategize your routes, removing the need for manual checks and saving you time and money.

4. Is Using a Transponder or E-Tag More Cost-Effective?

Yes, using a transponder device or electronic tag is more affordable than using license plate videos or photos and paying the bill retrospectively. 

When you leverage Bestpass solutions, you benefit from significant savings.

5. Can You Put Your Trucking Company Plates on File With Toll Authorities?

As a trucking company, you cannot put your plates on file with toll authorities. If you don’t want to use a transponder-based solution, you can partner with Bestpass. We have the authority to put plates on file. We then itemize the costs by vehicle and pull from your prepaid account with us to pay tolls. If you leverage a transponder solution, we place your plates on file as a fail-safe in case your transponder misreads. This way, your account is recognized, and you won’t get a ticket for failed payment.

Optimize Your Fleet Toll Management With Solutions From Bestpass

Managing your fleet toll fees is an administrative burden. You must ensure each invoice is paid to avoid penalties. You also need to minimize toll costs by planning routes. Trying to handle toll payments and search for costs manually isn’t feasible. With Bestpass’s all-in-one platform, you simplify all these processes from one intuitive dashboard. Optimize routes to reduce fleet toll costs, eliminate manual processes and save time with our software.

We’ve helped service and truck fleet owners optimize their fleet toll management since 2001. Take the stress and hassle out of paying Colorado toll roads with one solution — contact us online.

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