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Delaware Toll Roads

Delaware toll roads quickly rack up significant amounts for your trucking or service fleet if you don't leverage a transponder-based solution and professional partner. An all-in-one solution makes managing your tolls hassle-free and cost-effective. A one-platform solution also frees you to focus on core business operations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tolls in Delaware

You know how expensive Delaware toll fees can get and what an administrative burden managing invoices is. Here are our answers to some FAQs to give you a better understanding of the toll landscape and find a solution that impacts your bottom line.

1. How Can You Pay for Delaware Tolls?

Your truck or service fleet can use transponders or electronic tags to pay for Delaware tolls. Main toll plazas also accept cash payments. Some roads do license plate pictures and mail you the invoice. 

2. What Happens if You Fail to Pay Tolls?

If you don't use the cash payment option at the toll or you did not preload money on your standard transponder system, you will receive an invoice in the mail. This violation invoice will have a hefty administrative fee included. 

When you leverage Bestpass's transponder-based solutions, you avoid inadvertently having insufficient funds on your device. Our team monitors and manages your transponder systems, loading funds in time. You can also seamlessly view your fleet's toll fees in the intuitive, one-solution dashboard.

3. What Are the Costs of Toll Roads in Delaware?

Toll costs depend on the size of your trucks or service fleet vehicles and the:

  • Number of axles per vehicle/truck
  • Payment method used
  • Day of the week your drivers use the road

You can expect to pay about $2 to $6 on the toll roads and bridges. 

4. Are Transponders or E-Tags Cheaper to Use?

Yes. Transponder systems are more affordable than getting invoiced by the Delaware tolling authority. The penalty invoices have administrative fees. In some cases, drivers can expect to pay over $50 one-way if they don't use the cash or transponder systems. 

5. Can You Put Your Service Fleet's Plates on File With Toll Authorities?

Service fleet and trucking companies cannot put their vehicle plates on file with Delaware toll authorities. If you don't want to leverage a transponder-based solution or want a backup solution to your transponder system, partner with Bestpass

We are authorized to place truck and service fleet vehicles on file for clients. When working with Bestpass, you won't pay steep penalties if the toll plaza misreads your transponder device when your plates are on file, and you will still qualify for discounted rates if you don't have a transponder and use Bestpass solutions.

Simplify Your Toll Management With Bestpass All-in-One Solution

Bestpass has simplified toll management for trucking and service fleet companies for over two decades. We provide one solution and partnership for you to lift the extensive administrative burden of paying tolls. Our software gives you the data to track costs and optimize routes so your drivers take the most cost-effective trips. Our one-stop solution will minimize penalties, enhance planning and eliminate manual processes. 

Save time and money and make toll management frictionless with Bestpass — contact us online today!

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