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Georgia Toll Roads

Georgia toll roads streamline your truck and service fleet movements, getting your drivers from points A and B faster. Although convenient, these tolls can cost your company a significant amount of money and are often complex to manage. An all-in-one solution simplifies your toll management admin, eliminates manual toll payments and helps you reduce costs through efficient route management and discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Georgia Tolls

Tolls in Georgia impact your business's bottom line if you don’t effectively manage costs. Here are FAQs answered to give you insight into the Georgia toll landscape so you can select the best solution for your trucking and service fleets.

1. How Much Do Georgia Toll Roads Cost?

Georgia toll road costs continuously change depending on demand, but you should prepare to pay at least 10 cents for each mile. Tolling authorities display prices at express lane entry points. 

2. How Can You Pay for Tolls?

You can use a compatible pass to pay for Georgia tolls. Leverage a personalized Bestpass transponder plan to pay for tolls.

3. What Happens if You Fail to Pay for Toll Roads in GA?

If you fail to pay the toll amount, you get a toll violation and an administrative fee mailed to you. This bill will contain a photo of your license plate, the toll fee and payment instructions. You will receive a civil penalty if you don’t pay this violation statement. 

Your vehicle registration can be suspended if you still fail to settle the penalties and outstanding amounts. 

4. Can You Save Money by Using a Transponder?

You will save money when using a compatible transponder system on Georgia toll roads.

5. Will Your Trucking Company be Able to Get Plates on File?

You won’t be able to place your fleet vehicle or truck plates on file with the Georgia tolling authorities. To get your registration details and plates on file, you’ll need to partner with Bestpass. 

We have the authorization to add truck and service fleet plates on file on behalf of clients. Leveraging Bestpass solutions can help you benefit from lower costs, and if the toll infrastructure misreads your transponder system, you will have a backup on file to avoid toll violations.

6. How Can You Minimize Toll Road Violations?

Trying to reduce toll road violations without assistance is labor-intensive and difficult. Bestpass software minimizes violations and simplifies processes. Our platform connects to tolling authorities’ systems and identifies misreads. Many tolling gantries are built with cars in mind, causing these misreads on truck transponders. 

The Bestpass platform delivers an overview of costs by vehicle and identifies which tolling device is not being read correctly and needs adjusting. These capabilities help you proactively mitigate violations. Our system also enables your plates to be used as backups at tolling authorities.

Minimize Your Toll Management Admin and Cut Toll Costs With Bestpass

Bestpass leverages two decades of experience to simplify toll management for service fleets and trucking companies nationwide. 

You spend considerable time each month managing toll costs, penalties and invoices. Eliminate your manual processes and streamline your route and expense planning with one solution and partner. Our all-in-one platform gives you an overview of your fleet toll costs and provides data that helps you optimize your route planning. 

Take advantage of the hassle-free toll management solutions customized to your fleet needs. Get started — contact us online.

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