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Kentucky Toll Roads 

Settling toll disputes and managing toll payments can take valuable time away from other crucial operational tasks. At Bestpass, we offer a comprehensive tolling solution to simplify payments and minimize unwanted penalties. 

Today, we have more than 1.9 million vehicles on the road using our technology, benefitting from comprehensive toll coverage and an assortment of data related to your fleet operation. With this, we've bridged the gap between tolling authorities and fleets to make the entire process a breeze. 

Complete Access to Kentucky Toll Roads 

Electronic tolling is the new wave, popping up along major roads throughout over two dozen states across the country. Kentucky is one such state with hundreds of miles of toll roads in areas around the Louisville and Indiana border. These toll roads are present near three main bridges, including: 

  • Kennedy Bridge 
  • Lewis and Clark Bridge 
  • Lincoln Bridge

Crossing these bridges is straightforward with a Bestpass transponder hanging on your windshield, without the risk of surprise fees, fines or penalties. Our transponder and software combination facilitates a smooth tolling experience by submitting immediate payment through your prepaid account. Bestpass makes it easy to arrive on time and within budget, no matter where your fleet is heading. 

toll discount by state

Why Is Bestpass the Best Option for Your Fleet? 

When you're looking to revamp how you oversee your trucking or service fleet, Bestpass has your back. Our comprehensive payment platform consolidates your most important tasks into a single, easy-to-use platform that saves time and money. This system is equipped with an advanced API to create detailed reports and handle your fleet's most important tasks. You'll understand how to optimize your route selection while effortlessly adding or removing vehicles to your fleet. 

Whether you're managing a single truck or a fleet of 200 trucks, we have the solutions to strengthen your unique operations. Our team of experts will help you navigate our coverage options to find the right one for your needs. We work hard to ensure these plans are cost-effective and provide the necessary scope to support your operation wherever you go. Here's a glimpse into our Kentucky coverage plans:

  • E-ZPass with Bestpass: Kentucky accepts the use of E-ZPass and facilitates savings of up to 60% due to discounted rates on toll roads. We pair the EZ-Pass transponder with our software to ensure comprehensive toll-by-plate coverage and advanced reporting capabilities to identify ways to reduce expenses. 
  • Complete Pass: Streamline your nationwide tolling procedure with our Complete Pass coverage, providing uninterrupted access to toll roads in Kentucky and 25 other states. Its transponder seamlessly attaches to any vehicle and offers around-the-clock access to real-time fleet data. 

Contact Our Team to Learn More

Boost your performance with Bestpass by your side. We've been in business for over 20 years, working hard to satisfy the needs of more than 30,000 customers. This experience has fueled our system's evolution into a solution that checks all your boxes. We've designed it to be your all-in-one system you can count on to save time and money. 

Ready to learn more about how Bestpass can help you get through tolls in Kentucky? Contact our team online to learn more about coverage options today! 

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