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If you own, manage or operate a truck fleet, you know the extensive time and effort that goes into maintaining your vehicles and ensuring that operations run smoothly. With so many responsibilities on your plate, you shouldn't have to deal with tedious toll management tasks on top of it. With a dependable toll management solution and transponder, you can seamlessly manage your company's tolls without lifting a finger, allowing you to focus on running your business.

At Bestpass, we're dedicated to helping trucking companies simplify their toll payments while saving time and money. Our sophisticated software was founded by truckers for truckers in 2001, and it continues to bridge the gap between fleets and tolling authorities nationwide today.

Commercial Toll Pass for All Major Toll Roads

The complete pass is the all-in-one pass for nationwide toll coverage. This pass covers all major toll roads in the U.S. When you sign up for our toll management software and one of our plans, we'll send your transponder(s) to get started. The toll pass easily attaches to your windshield and will detect each time your truck drives through a tolling gantry, prompting our software to charge your prepaid account. You'll see the toll charge appear in the account assigned to the corresponding vehicle in the next 24 to 48 hours (dependent on the tolling authority).

Bestpass Complete Pass Transponder Image
Bestpass Portal

On-Demand Reporting for Toll

As the Complete Pass device tracks your toll costs, you can use the Bestpass portal to obtain valuable insights into your expenses. Our software is equipped with business intelligence, analytics and on-demand reporting, giving you a thorough picture of your company's costs. You can use these evaluations to see which vehicles are running the most tolls and which routes are most expensive, then adjust accordingly. 

Benefits of Bestpass Complete Pass

The Complete Pass has many unique benefits when used in conjunction with the Bestpass platform. When you use this device, you can expect to leverage all of the following perks.

  • Coast-to-Coast Coverage

    The Complete Pass is designed to support you wherever you go. This device provides users with toll coverage across the nation, from Maine to Florida to Washington. No matter where your route takes you, the Complete Pass will provide the coverage you need. This pass is also bypass compatible.

  • Toll-by-Plate 

    This Complete Pass is also equipped with toll-by-plate coverage. With this feature, Bestpass puts your plates on file with the tolling authorities, then itemizes your toll costs by vehicle. To complete the transaction, we pull the money from your account to cover your tolls.

    Our toll-by-plate feature functions as a backup for your device. If a misread occurs, our software will detect this issue and use your plate to identify your account and take out money to prevent you from getting a violation, which means fewer tickets in your mailbox.

  • One Device in Your Windshield

    The Complete Pass is a single device designed to simplify your back-office operations. When you receive your Bestpass Complete Pass transponder, you can install it on your vehicle quickly and easily. It attaches to your truck's windshield with minimal clutter, so you'll barely notice it's there.

Complete Pass Coverage

When our tolling specialists direct you to the Complete pass, you'll be covered across all 26 states with major toll roads. That's toll coverage throughout the country and 100% of major toll roads! States you can expect coverage in with the Complete Pass from Bestpass include:

United States map showing coverage for Complete Pass toll transponder offered by Bestpass

Who Can Use Complete Pass?

If you run a fleet and require coverage in a wide range of locations, you can maximize your reach with the Complete Pass. Our Complete Pass coverage is ideal for service fleets and trucking fleets with six or more vehicles, as well as owner-operators with up to five trucks. We work with some of the following people to get them set up with Bestpass:

    • Fleet managers
    • Fleet CEOs
    • Fleet presidents
    • Trucking company owners
    • Service managers
    • Safety managers
    • Fleet owners
    • Directors of transportation
    • Fleet operations managers
    • Transportation planners
    • Fleet directors
    • Fleet administrators
    • Transportation managers
    • Transportation coordinators

Optimize your Toll Coverage with the Complete Pass

If you're looking for a toll pass for a national fleet, our specialists may recommend Complete Scout from Bestpass. Our nationwide toll management software is designed to consolidate payments, record accurate toll data, and minimize the time and money you put into managing your tolls. Our customizable toll solution is used by over 30,000 customers across the country, handling more than 300,000 daily toll transactions. With over 700,000 Bestpass transponders on the road, we process over $1 billion in transaction volume yearly. 

Request a Demo of Our Toll Management Software Today!

If you're looking to simplify toll management for your company, Bestpass can help. Our comprehensive payment platform is designed to deliver considerable time and cost savings, dependable data accuracy, and simple payment consolidation to make toll management for trucking fleets easier than ever.

Not sure which Bestpass plan is right for you? Our tolling specialists are here to help. They can identify the right transponder strategy to save you the most money and time. 

If you have 1 - 5 trucks, you can learn more about our solution for owner-operators here.

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