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Massachusetts Toll Roads 

If you regularly pass through The Bay State, you'll likely come across some toll roads. Massachusetts is home to the famous Mass Turnpike — a 138-mile highway connecting Boston, Springfield and Worcester. This road is lined with gantries, collecting payments through E-ZPass and Pay By Plate channels. As you get closer to the Boston area, you'll also find tolls over the Tobin Memorial Bridge and within the Callahan, Ted Williams and Sumner Tunnels.

Massachusetts toll roads vary in cost based on aspects like: 

  • Payment method
  • Number of axles 
  • Direction of travel
  • Time of day 
  • Location

Managing these expenses can become confusing, leading to wasted time and resources, missed payments or expensive violations. Fortunately, Bestpass makes overseeing these toll payments on Massachusetts asphalt easier and more cost-effective than ever with our innovative platform. We've developed a cutting-edge tool that seamlessly integrates within your existing operation to facilitate meaningful toll management practices. 

Trusted Solutions for Tolls in Massachusetts

Bridge the gap between your fleet and tolling authorities to save valuable time and money. You can use our toll management platform and transponder solutions to instantly pay for your tolls and avoid missed payments or surprise citations. 

We'll send you toll passes that align with your fleet's needs in Massachusetts, seamlessly attaching to your windshields with a minimal footprint. Your operators will drive through Massachusetts tolling gantries without stopping or worrying about payment. A charge will then be automatically deducted from your prepaid account within 24 to 48 hours — it's as easy as that. 

We've designed our online portal with advanced analytics, business intelligence and on-demand reporting features to increase your fleet visibility. We give you 24/7 access to an online dashboard to oversee your expenses, violations and routes so you can make changes that boost performance. 

You'll also receive easy-to-read monthly statements showing your total toll spend with the ability to break down the number by vehicle or location. These reports eliminate unnecessary time spent on generating paper reports while giving you the insight you need to succeed. 

Our specialists can pair you with the right Massachusetts toll pass, helping you choose from the following plans: 

  • Complete Pass: Our Complete Pass solution is your all-in-one pass covering major toll roads in Massachusetts and 25 other states. It is also available with our convenient Bypass service, enabling drivers to skip weigh stations and keep your operations rolling forward smoothly. 
  • E-ZPass with Bestpass: Pass through East Coast toll roads easily using the commercial E-ZPass. This option also comes with our toll-by-plate coverage to decrease the risk of gantry errors and cover your fleet when operating outside of the E-ZPass network. 

Get Started With Bestpass Today

Bestpass is an industry-leading payment platform leader, paving the way toward a better way to manage your tolls. We've been the trusted partner for thousands of fleets across the United States for 20 years. Our reputation for delivering high-quality products backed by attentive support services displays our commitment to driving your fleet into its next chapter. 

Interested in optimizing your toll management procedure with Bestpass? Fleets with less than five vehicles can sign up online, and those with more can request a demo to get started. 

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