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New Hampshire Toll Roads 

Whether you travel up and down the East Coast or haul goods specific to New Hampshire, having the right toll pass is crucial to maintaining a profitable and productive operation. Three Interstate Highways and two additional interstates connect various cities around The Granite State. Three of these roadways are turnpikes lined with All Electronic Tolling systems controlled by E-ZPass, including: 

For trucks, these tolls range from $1 to over $7, depending on your location, time of day and number of axles. Paying for these tolls in New Hampshire can become challenging without the right pass hanging on your fleet's windshields. Since New Hampshire doesn't accept Pay by Plate channels, passing through a toll without a transponder will likely result in a violation and fee. 

At Bestpass, we've developed a unique toll payment platform to simplify this process and give you confidence as you pass toll roads in New Hampshire. 

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The Bestpass Advantage

Implementing our Bestpass software and transponders gives your business unrivaled advantages. Our system facilitates seamless and automatic payments using a prepaid account, reducing the risk of missed payments and expensive citations. We offer various options supplying regional and national coverage to ensure you're cared for no matter where you work. Our most popular options used in New Hampshire include: 

  • Complete Pass: Secure coast-to-coast toll road access with a minimalistic transponder, ensuring you have payment support no matter where the road takes you. You can also add our convenient bypass services to your plan to avoid weigh stations and keep deliveries on schedule. 
  • E-ZPass with Bestpass: Travel throughout the East Coast with ease using the commercial E-ZPass transponder with Bestpass integrations. We take E-ZPass' features to the next level with on-demand reporting to optimize your route selection and reduce unnecessary expenses. 

Saving You Time and Money 

We developed our hassle-free toll management system to free up your time, returning your focus to what you do best — running your business. This platform utilizes advanced analytics and business intelligence to illuminate every corner of your operation with a real-time glimpse into how each vehicle is affecting your bottom line. Use this data to inform crucial decision-making and automate accounting procedures to create an effective workflow that breeds success. 

Learn More About Our New Hampshire Toll Passes

When searching for a comprehensive solution to reinforce your toll management procedure, you can trust Bestpass to have an all-in-one strategy you can trust. We've worked tirelessly for the last two decades to bridge the gap between fleets and tolling authorities and create an easier way to pay tolls. This mission has led our team to partner with over 30,000 fleets, processing millions of toll transitions annually. 

With our vast experience and reputation for delivering attentive support services, you can count on Bestpass to satisfy your tolling needs in New Hampshire. We invite owner-operators to sign up online, while larger fleets can request a demo today. You can also contact our team online to learn more about your coverage options. 

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