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New Jersey Toll Roads

New Jersey is home to over 30 toll roads and two of the busiest toll roads in the U.S. — the Garden State Parkway and the New Jersey Turnpike. As a fleet manager or owner-operator, you understand how complex it can be to keep up with New Jersey toll management for your vehicles. With customized solutions from Bestpass, you can reduce the administrative burden of tracking your tolling expenses and avoid violations. 

FAQs About Using NJ Toll Roads for Commercial Fleets

Your company can reduce toll expenses and violations by keeping track of toll rates and requirements in NJ. These are some of the most commonly asked questions about New Jersey toll payments.

1. How Much Are New Jersey Turnpike Toll Rates?

Toll rates in New Jersey vary depending on whether you have an E-ZPass and how long your vehicles travel on the toll road. Here are the truck toll costs for the New Jersey toll roads:

  • The New Jersey Turnpike: Starting at $3.25 or more. Costs vary for vehicles with more than two axles.
  • Garden State Parkway: Vehicles with more than two axles will have to pay $1.90 or more.  
  • Atlantic City Expressway: The cost is at least $5.50. 

If you have an E-ZPass, keep in mind that you may receive discounts on these prices. However, there are some new toll rates in NJ, which will increase by 3% on January 1, 2024. 

2. How Do I Pay My Road Tolls in New Jersey?

Vehicle owners can pay tolls for New Jersey tolls roads, bridges and tunnels by license plate, an E-ZPass transponder or cash, depending on the location. Atlantic City Expressway tolls can only be paid with an E-ZPass transponder or cash. 

Newark tolls for the Garden State Parkway or New Jersey Turnpike only accept E-ZPass or cash. Drivers or owner-operators can pay for the Holland Tunnel or Lincoln Tunnel going into New York City by license plate or an E-ZPass.

3. Can I Use E-ZPass in New Jersey?

Yes. A New Jersey E-ZPass is acceptable for toll payments as well as other E-ZPass transponders.

4. How Do I Pay a Missed Toll in New Jersey?

Missed tolls result in a toll violation through the mail. You can pay for a missed toll in New Jersey online if you have an E-ZPass account, by check, cashier's check or money order. 

5. What Happens If I Fail to Pay My New Jersey Toll?

If you don't pay your toll on time, you'll receive an invoice in the mail. If you fail to pay by the due date listed on the invoice, you'll receive a second notice with penalty fees.

Streamline New Jersey Fleet Toll Management With Bestpass

Manually organizing toll expenses can be very time-consuming and lead to missed payments or violations. With trucking fleet and service fleet solutions from Bestpass, your company can experience comprehensive coverage. Our software for owner-operators is designed to help you consolidate toll payments, monitor accurate reports and save time and money. Contact us today to learn more about our toll management platform. 

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