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New York Toll Roads

New York is home to more than 30 toll roads. Tracking the cost of each toll and which route is most cost-effective is complex, making it challenging to manage on behalf of your fleet. You need a unified toll management solution for your trucking or service fleet to navigate the New York toll roads efficiently and minimize your costs and administrative requirements. A solution that tracks toll fees, allows easy route optimization and makes paying accounts frictionless.

Frequently Asked Questions About Toll Roads in New York

Toll rates are important to track and reduce since these costs are significant for your service and trucking fleets. Here are some FAQs answered to help you better understand the New York toll landscape.

1. How Much Are Toll Roads in New York?

The toll fee depends on several factors:

  • How far your fleet travels on the thruway
  • The vehicle class 
  • The amount of axles your fleet has
  • How tall your fleet vehicles or trucks are
  • What payment method you choose

Drivers and owner-operators can expect to pay about $5 to $13. Costs change, making manual tracking and optimizing difficult. Bestpass simplifies toll management with one device, account, point of contact and partner to pay and handle tolls. This solution gives you an instant overview of toll amounts and the best routes.

2. How Do You Pay Tolls in New York?

Generally, you pay tolls on New York roads, bridges and thruways using a transponder, with a license plate photo that you receive in the mail or in cash on limited road tolls:

  • Buffalo tolls: You can pay using a transponder or license plate photo with Tolls by Mail.
  • New York City tolls: Pay the tolls on city tunnels and bridges using a transponder or wait for an invoice in the mail and pay with a credit card or check.
  • Albany tolls: Albany collects tolls through license plate photos or transponders, allowing you to pay with the prepaid device or using Tolls by Mail.
  • Syracuse tolls: Syracuse tolls leverage cashless systems — transponders or by invoice.

3. What Happens if You Fail to Pay a Toll?

You will receive a mailed invoice if you fail to pay a New York toll. You must pay within 15 days. When you miss a toll road payment, you are charged the toll fee with an added admin fee per violation. If you fail to pay multiple violations, you face vehicle registration suspension. 

4. How Do You Pay a Missed Toll?

If you received an invoice via mail or an unpaid slip from a toll collector, you can pay online with a credit card or check by mail.

5. Is Using a Transponder More Cost-Effective?

Yes, using a transponder to pay your toll fees is more cost-efficient than paying with cash or invoice by mail.

Streamline Your Toll Management With Bestpass Solutions

Since 2001, Bestpass has provided industry-leading, comprehensive toll management solutions. We simplify your heavy administrative toll management burden by delivering solutions that eliminate manual tasks and decrease toll costs. Leverage our software to track your payments seamlessly, optimize your trips and discover low-cost tolls.

Save time and money, minimize violations, and benefit from a personalized transponder plan. Get started today — contact us online.

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