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combined transport fleet of trucks in front of mountain
Case Study

Combined Transport

  • Combined Transport at a Glance


    Central Point, OR 

    Heavy haul, wind, specialized flatbed, glass, refrigerated and dry van

    Areas of Operation
    All lower 48 states and parts of Canada

    Central Point, OR, Fresno, CA, Carlisle, PA, Wichita Falls, TX

    Fun Fact
    Their specialized Schnabel Trailers haul windmill tower sections up to 100’ long and weigh over 120,000 pounds!


Combined Transport Inc., a third-generation, family-owned company with 40 years of service in the trucking industry, has an extensive fleet, with many different vehicle configurations. Managing tolls proved to be challenging when operating in all lower 48 states and parts of Canada. Managing payments to multiple tolling entities was cumbersome and left much room for error. All of Combined Transport’s trucks had an EZPass, but many needed additional transponders based on lane assignment and vehicle configuration. Managing different types of transponders proved to be a challenge, and when a driver didn’t have the right set of transponders in the vehicle, the driver was forced to temporarily pay for the toll out-of-pocket and wait for reimbursement.


Combined Transport turned to Bestpass for a streamlined toll solution to save time in the back office and money over the road. With Bestpass, the entire Combined Transport team has all of the toll coverage required of a 48-state carrier, under one device. The organization and management of equipment is simple and having one bill and one point of contact for expert support has been a breeze.


With Bestpass, Combined Transport has a one-stop shop for everything toll and can rest assured that they are being charged the right amounts for their tolls. The 20 to 30 hours per week previously used to manage transponders, process payments and reimburse drivers has been cut down to three-five hours per week. Now, drivers rarely have to submit a cash expense for toll and manual entry is now a thing of the past. Drivers are happy that they can drive anywhere in the country without stopping to pay for tolls, and Combined Transport has more time to focus on growing their business.

How has Bestpass helped your team or company achieve its objectives?

“Bestpass has been an efficiency multiplier to the fleet. The solutions offered by Bestpass have expanded coverage into areas where we drive most. We have saved time and labor in the back office, and our trucks on the road are not having to stop as much to pay tolls.

The customer service and support are stellar. Every time I call or email an issue, I have a rapid path to a solution to my problem. Support is quick to respond and provides easy to understand and complete answers to my questions. The Bestpass Support Team’s dedication and desire to help customers is unmatched.”

—Nic Davidson, Combined Transport Logistics Group, Inc.

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