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TransMaquila white truck
Case Study

TransMaquila Inc.

  • TransMaquila Inc. at a Glance


    Brownsville, TX

    Medium and Long Haul

    Regions Traveled
    Mexico, the US and Canada



    Bestpass Transponders


TransMaquila needed to streamline its processes to cut down on violations as their fleet continued to grow.

With over 400 trucks and traveling internationally, TransMaquila was concerned about having the proper coverage and devices, which quickly became too much for their team to manage. Spending almost three hours every week just reviewing paper toll bills and speaking to each individual tolling authority to make payments and dispute violations, managing toll quickly became an administrative hassle.

They needed an all-in-one solution that would enable them to handle all tolling activities, which would consolidate devices, statements, and toll data.


In 2020, TransMaquila was introduced to Bestpass at a Freightwaves event. Learning about how Bestpass could help them realize time savings, cost savings, and centralized toll activity, Bestpass checked all of the pain points that TransMaquila was experiencing.

They started with the Horizon Sticker, which gave them coverage across select southern states, including Texas. As their fleet continued to grow and realizing they needed a device that was transferrable across vehicles, they upgraded their coverage and devices to the Complete Pass, offering them nationwide coverage.


After bringing on Bestpass's Complete Pass, TransMaquila saw three major benefits: time savings, cost savings, and centralized toll activities.

The TransMaquila team received nearly 4 hours back in their day with the help of the easy-to-use Bestpass portal as well as having the added support from the Bestpass Customer Support Team.

The administrative fees accrued when paying bills through the tolling authority were adding up to more than the cost of toll. These fees are now a thing of the past since all payments are made through Bestpass, cutting down on paper bills and the resources required to manage toll.

“Bestpass delivered what was promised, a simple and superior solution to toll payment and management." 

—Jaime Papadopulos, Financial Analyst at TransMaquila

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