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Decker Truck Red
Case Study

Decker Truck Line Inc

  • Decker Truck Line at a Glance


    Fort Dodge, IA

    Refrigerated, Flatbed and Dry Van Freight

    Regions Traveled
    North America

    700+ Trucks, 1400+ Trailers

    Bestpass Transponders


Decker recognized the need for toll management and weigh station bypass pretty early on. But, their existing provider wasn't meeting expectations.

The information and reporting that was being produced didn't allow them to glean any meaningful insights and required more manpower to maintain than they had hoped. 


In 2021, Brent Ellis, VP of Business Systems and Processes at Decker decided to investigate other solutions that would meet their needs. 

In the process of looking for a new weigh station bypass solution, they came across Bestpass, which would help them solve for their tolling needs. 

Now with two providers, Decker was finally starting to see the data they needed versus a singular solution with minimal return.


Since then, Decker has seen improvements in cost savings, reporting, process automation, and overall better relationships with their partners.

Quickly, Bestpass helped Decker realize 7%-9% in cost savings on toll alone! In addition, Brent and his teams are able to collaborate with Bestpass to leverage their toll data to aid in more strategic projects and help the organization meet business goals.

“I don’t look for vendors, I look for partners, and Bestpass has been a partner from the beginning. The relationship we have is collaborative, not transactional and they’re always there when I have question or an idea, and always ready to help. Good stuff!”

—Brent Ellis, VP of Business Systems and Processes at Decker Truck Line Inc.

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