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Deven Transport Truck Red
Case Study

Deven Transport

  • Deven Transport at a Glance


    Bensenville, IL

    Local, Medium and Long Haul

    Regions Traveled
    Illinois, Wisconsin and Northern Indiana


    Bestpass Transponders


With a 15-truck fleet, Deven Transport was receiving auto-replenishment fees that were adding up to more than the cost of their toll.

Each vehicle/transponder required a balance of $250 and they would often surpass that amount in toll, which means their bank account was being hit frequently with auto-replenishment fees.

They received no discounts for their vehicles and were paying close to $20,000 per month on transactions related to toll. This was not sustainable if they wanted to grow.


In 2018, Deven Transport was introduced to Bestpass, which gave them and all-in-one solution. Through Bestpass, they ordered E-ZPass transponders for each of their vehicles and were able to set a surety balance for their entire account, versus each vehicle individually.

This allowed their surety balance to be hit before their bank account and they could adjust it according to how much toll they projected to hit. It also spread out a larger balance over their entire fleet so that trucks that were hitting more toll than others were not getting auto-replenishment fees.


Since 2018, Deven Transport has seen benefits from having Bestpass as their toll management provider, including cost savings and better reporting and visibility.

Deven was once spending $20,000 on toll month-over-month. However, since bringing Bestpass onboard and having one surety balance and superior discounts, Deven is now seeing $13,000 in monthly savings that enables them to make much needed improvements to their fleet.

And with better reporting, Deven can provide a more accurate picture of their toll spend and make better business decisions.

“We are always looking for ways to make improvements to our fleet and to the way we do business. Technology is constantly evolving, and we like to keep a pulse on how we can benefit from what’s available, giving us opportunities to grow and providing a better experience to our customers.”

—Joe Bergeron, Operations at Deven Transport

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