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California Toll Coverage

If you own or manage a trucking or service fleet, you know how much time and effort goes into managing your operations and maintaining your vehicles. With so many priorities on your plate, toll management can often fall behind. However, when you have customized California toll pass coverage from Bestpass, you benefit from an innovative tolling solution that saves you time and money. 

FAQs About California Tollways for Commercial Fleets

Toll payments can be complex. Here are some of the most common questions about California tolls for trucking and service fleets. 

1. How Much Are Tolls in California?

The toll prices in California depend on which road you're on, how many axles your vehicle has and what time of day it is. California has 25 toll bridges, lanes and roads to allow commercial vehicles to skip traffic with ease, including:

  • I-880 / SR 237 Express Connector
  • I-15 Value Pricing Project
  • I-680 SMART Carpool Lanes
  • I-110 Express Lanes

Depending on the factors above and whether you have a FasTrak account, you can expect toll rates to range from $1.73 to $36.72 for various toll points. Learn more about current California toll prices on the official website. 

2. How Do I Pay Tolls in California?

Payment for tolls in California depends on what toll road you are on. Some toll roads accept cash or Pay by Plate, but FasTrak can be used to pay electronically on all toll roads and bridges. Drivers or owner-operators can pay San Diego tolls with cash or credit cards on the South Bay Expressway. FasTrak electronic payment is also accepted on all toll roads in the San Diego area. 

Tolls in Los Angeles and Orange County must be paid with FasTrak or Pay by Plate. Bestpass has developed a strategy that merges all California toll passes into a single, easy-to-use platform to keep your fleet operations on track.

3. Can I Use E-ZPass in California?

E-ZPass is not accepted in California. Drivers and owner-operators must either pay online or use a FasTrak transponder.

4. What is the E-ZPass Equivalent in California?

You can either use a FasTrak transponder or a Horizon Voyager transponder. With the Horizon Voyager coverage option from Bestpass, you can get full coverage for both California and Alabama with low service fees. 

5. What Happens If I Fail to Pay My Toll?

If you fail to pay a toll payment on time, the vehicle owner will receive an invoice and may be charged penalty fees. You can visit the appropriate agency's website to pay for tolls and violations.

6. How Do I Get Full California Toll Coverage for My Fleet?

With Horizon Voyager from Bestpass, your fleet will get complete toll pass coverage in California. Horizon Voyager provides toll-by-plate capability to ensure drivers and owner-operators do not receive violations, reducing the number of tickets and penalty fees your company has to pay throughout Alabama and California.

Get Customized California Toll Pass Coverage With Bestpass

At Bestpass, it's our goal to help owner-operators, fleet managers and trucking company owners leverage comprehensive toll coverage to reduce time and money spent on toll management. Our solutions are designed to provide full-coverage toll passes for your entire fleet so you can focus on other important operations. 

Our toll management solutions also enable you to gain strategic insights into your fleet to help you more effectively manage your vehicles and transponders. Contact us today to learn more about how we can enhance your overall operations. 

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