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If you manage or own a trucking company, you understand how much time and effort goes into ensuring smooth operations while directing and maintaining your vehicles. With so many vital tasks to deal with, toll management is likely the last thing on your mind. Luckily, you can simplify this process without lifting a finger by using an innovative tolling solution paired with full-coverage toll passes for your fleet. 

You can achieve seamless toll management and comprehensive coverage with Bestpass Horizon Voyager. At Bestpass, we're committed to helping our customers save time and money by taking the complexity out of toll payments. We developed our state-of-the-art software in 2001 and have been bridging the gap between tolling authorities and trucking companies ever since.

How Does Bestpass Horizon Voyager Work?

When you get started with Bestpass, our tolling specialists will help you choose a toll pass suited to your company's coverage needs and create a step-by-step implementation plan. If you travel mainly in California or Alabama, that will likely be the Horizon Voyager. We'll send your Horizon Voyager transponder in the mail. After you attach the transponder to your windshield, it will detect when your truck travels through a tolling gantry and send a charge to your prepaid account. The toll will appear in your account under the corresponding vehicle within 48 hours (dependent on the tolling authority). 

Each time your toll pass racks up another toll, that expense will appear on the Bestpass portal, where you can gain insights into your toll spending. Our software is equipped with on-demand analytics reporting, enabling you to determine which routes are most expensive and which trucks are accumulating the most tolls.

Horizon Voyager Toll Sticker from Bestpass

Advantages of the Full California Toll Coverage Pass

Horizon Voyager is an excellent choice for fleets due to its many perks and features. When you use this toll pass option with the Bestpass platform, you'll experience a wealth of advantages.

  • Low Service Rates

    With Horizon Voyager, you'll receive complete coverage across Alabama and California with the lowest possible service fees — that means you're covered wherever your route takes you. When you invest in this toll pass, you'll enjoy significant savings when and where you need them. 

  • Customizable Coverage

    You can expand your Horizon Voyager coverage when you combine it with other Bestpass options. Customizing your full Alabama and California toll pass with other options lets you achieve regional or national toll coverage to serve your individual trucking needs.

  • Toll-by-Plate and Reduce Violations

    Bestpass Horizon Voyager comes with toll-by-plate capability, where we file your plates with the tolling authorities and itemize your toll costs per vehicle. Then, that money comes out of your account to cover your tolls.

    Toll-by-plate is used as a backup to ensure you don't receive a violation. That way, if you travel outside of the Horizon Voyager coverage area you will save money. Also, if your transponder isn't read properly at a tolling gantry, our software will resolve the issue by using your plate to connect to and charge your account so you don't get a violation. That means fewer tickets your company has to pay.

  • Minimal Windshield Footprint

    The Horizon Voyager transponder is a simple, easy-to-install sticker that adheres to your windshield. This pass has a minimal windshield footprint, meaning it leaves little to no clutter on your windshield.

Complete Toll Coverage in Alabama and California

When our tolling specialists recommend Horizon Voyager as your ideal toll pass, you'll receive coverage in Alabama and California across all nine major toll roads, including:

  • Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA)
  • Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) The Toll Roads
  • South Bay Expressway (The 125 Toll Road)
  • Los Angeles Metro Express Lanes
  • Orange County Transportation Authority 91 Express Lanes
  • American Roads Tuscaloosa Bypass
  • American Roads Foley Beach Express
  • American Roads Emerald Mountain Express
  • American Roads Montgomery Express

United States map showing coverage for the Horizon Voyager toll transponder offered by Bestpass

Who Should Use Horizon Voyager?

Bestpass Horizon Voyager is a great option for owner-operators of up to five trucks and service fleets and trucking fleets with at least six vehicles. 

      • Fleet managers
      • Fleet CEOs
      • Fleet presidents
      • Trucking company owners
      • Service managers
      • Safety managers
      • Fleet owners
    • Directors of transportation
    • Fleet operations managers
    • Transportation planners
    • Fleet directors
    • Fleet administrators
    • Transportation managers
    • Transportation coordinators

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If you have 1 - 5 trucks, you can learn more about our solution for owner-operators here.

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