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Maryland Toll Roads

Managing a fleet of service vehicles or trucks takes a lot of time and effort due to different tasks and responsibilities. At Bestpass, we strive to shoulder some of this weight with our sophisticated toll management software developed to streamline your toll road process in Maryland, conserving working hours and putting more money back into your pockets. This innovative system seamlessly integrates with your current system to support your daily operations and allows you to focus on what you do best — running your business. 

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How Much Do Maryland Toll Roads Cost? 

Maryland toll rates vary based on location, time of day, number of axles and payment method. Prices often vary from a few dollars to over $10 for vehicles with more axles. These gantries offer users many ways to pay without cash, including E-ZPass, EcoToll and Toll by Mail. Here's a comprehensive list of the toll locations in Maryland: 

  • Baltimore Harbor Thruway Tunnel 
  • Chesapeake Bay Bridge 
  • Fort McHenry Tunnel 
  • Francis Scott Key Bridge 
  • Harry W. Nice Memorial
  • Thomas J. Hatem Memorial Bridge 
  • Intercounty Connector 
  • John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway 
  • William Preston Lane Jr. Memorial Bridge 

Total Toll Coverage Across Maryland and Beyond

Navigating Maryland's toll roads is simple with Bestpass at your disposal. Our all-in-one system gives you comprehensive toll coverage across the state, offering hands-free payments to avoid missed payments and surprise penalties. This platform centralizes the fleet management process with a convenient interface for submitting payments, overseeing citations, making changes to your list of active vehicles and much more. 

Take advantage of business intelligence, detailed analytics and a cutting-edge API to automate monotonous management tasks and receive detailed insight into the condition of your tolling process. You'll receive a single monthly statement outlining your total tolling cost while also breaking it down to understand your cost per vehicle. Access to this information will fuel your decision-making processes to make necessary adjustments that maximize your time and resources. 

Our specialists can help you secure this vital information by pairing you with one of our comprehensive toll coverage plans, including: 

  • Complete Pass: Gain coast-to-coast coverage across all major toll roads to give your drivers the confidence they deserve. We also offer an optional Bypass service, allowing your trucks to skip weight stations in many areas to keep your deliveries on schedule. 
  • E-ZPass With Bestpass: Travel up and down the East Coast easily using the commercial E-ZPass transponder. Paired with our Bestpass platform, you'll better understand tolling expenses and route costs to make value-added changes. 

Learn More About Our Solutions for Toll Roads in Maryland

Bestpass is an industry-leading software revolutionizing the way businesses manage their toll payments. We've been in business for two decades, partnering with thousands of businesses to process over a billion tolls every year. Our experience positions our team as the foremost in the industry with the dedication and resources to propel your operations into its next chapter. 

Want to learn more about how our Bestpass can benefit your toll payment process? Contact our team online to find the best toll pass for Maryland toll roads. Fleet operators managing less than five vehicles can sign up online, while larger fleets can request a demo today! 

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