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Coverage for North Carolina Toll Roads

There are three main toll roads in North Carolina: Triangle Expressway, Monroe Expressway and the I-77 Express Lanes. These highways total over 60 miles of asphalt and employ an open-road tolling approach, eliminating any need to stop and pay at a booth. Cameras and overhead gantries assume this responsibility and collect payments through pay-by-plate or NC QuickPass channels. How much you must pay at each toll depends on factors such as time, date, location, number of axles and vehicle type. 

While these tolling improvements establish a quick and easy customer experience, it can quickly become a challenge for trucking and service fleets to keep up with these payments. Instead, fleet managers can count on Bestpass to oversee toll payments. We've designed this all-in-one toll management system to handle payments for you, giving you more time to focus on doing what you do best. 

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Our Cloud-Based Toll Management Solutions 

Whether you provide nationwide services or only operate within North Carolina, you can rest easy knowing Bestpass has your back. We offer customized solutions to meet your fleet needs and provide 100% toll road coverage no matter where you go. With the right transponders for your operations, you'll seamlessly roll through tolling gantries and pay your tolls using your prepaid account. Say goodbye to surprise fees and civil penalties! 

Here are some of our coverage options: 

  • Complete Pass: Our Complete Pass offers coast-to-coast coverage using a transponder with a small footprint to keep your operators focused on the road. 
  • E-ZPass With Bestpass: Using E-ZPass with Bestpass facilitates seamless use of tolling gantries up and down the East Coast, providing additional security with its toll-by-plate coverage outside of E-ZPass territories. 
  • Horizon Scout: Safety managers, fleet owners and trucking company owners operating in the South can depend on the Horizon Scout Bestpass to avoid toll violations and keep their expenses low. 

Saving You Money and Time

Our tolling platform enhances your fleet visibility with around-the-clock access to your account. You'll clearly understand your fleet's toll charges with a detailed breakdown of how much each truck costs your business. Its real-time reporting features provide advanced analytics and business intelligence to help you optimize your route selection and identify strategies to minimize your expenses. 

At Bestpass, we understand that tolling processes can waste valuable time every month. With this in mind, we've designed our API to automate manual tasks and streamline your end-to-end process. You'll generate and export expense reports, add or remove vehicles and move or deactivate your transponders. Regardless of the assistance you require, our customer support experts are available to extend the help you deserve. 

Connect With Our Team to Learn More

Allow Bestpass to help you select the right toll pass for North Carolina toll roads. We're proud of our work over the last 20 years to support over 30,000 customers spread throughout the United States. This experience has provided us with the knowledge and skills to develop premier toll management solutions that address various business demands. 

Get in touch with our team online to discuss our North Carolina toll solutions today. 

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