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As someone who owns, operates or manages a fleet of trucks or service vehicles, you know how challenging it can be to balance your many daily responsibilities with toll management. Handling toll payments is a tedious and time-consuming process — but it doesn't have to be. You can make managing your tolls simple with Bestpass' innovative software paired with the Horizon Scout toll pass.

At Bestpass, we're committed to empowering companies of all shapes and sizes to save precious time and money by simplifying their toll payments. We're proud to have served as a trusted toll management partner to trucking fleets and tolling authorities for over 20 years and counting.

What Is Bestpass Horizon Scout?

The tolling specialists at Bestpass will help you choose the toll pass that best serves your coverage needs so we can develop an individualized implementation plan for your fleet. If you travel mainly in the south, that may be the Horizon Scout. Once you install it in your vehicle, the device will sense when you drive through a toll gantry and charge your prepaid account for the toll. This charge will show up assigned to the correct vehicle in 24 to 48 hours (dependent on the tolling authority).

You can view all tolls detected by your transponder in the Bestpass portal, where you can gain insights into your toll costs. Our software's business intelligence and analytics capabilities help you gain a complete understanding of these expenses by providing a detailed cost breakdown, which you can use to determine which routes and vehicles are racking up the highest bills. 

Horizon Scout Toll Transponder from Bestpass

Benefits of the Horizon Scout Toll Pass

When you choose Horizon Scout to accompany the Bestpass toll management platform, you'll have access to various features geared toward keeping your expenses low. Bestpass offers the following perks and more.

Cost-Effective Solution

The Horizon Scout pass provides customers with cost-effective regional toll coverage that lets them keep more of their money. This coverage option sets you up with low service fees, no matter where your fleet goes. As a result, you'll enjoy considerable cost savings for your company. 

Customizable Coverage

When you get Bestpass Horizon Scout for your organization, you can customize it to your fleet's specific needs. That translates to more value for your investment. 

Toll-by-Plate and Violation Mitigation

The Horizon Scout toll pass is equipped with our toll-by-plate feature. That means we will put your plates on file with the tolling authorities, which enables you to itemize the costs of your tolls by vehicle and pay them using funds from your account. 

Toll-by-plate is ideal for getting rid of violations, as it serves as a backup for your transponder. That way if you travel outside of the Horizon Scout coverage area you are not racking up violations. Also, if your device is not read correctly, the Bestpass software will pick up on the error and use your plate to charge your account instead, preventing you from getting a violation. Fewer tickets mean fewer expenses and greater cost savings for your company.

Where Does Horizon Scout Cover?

With the Horizon Scout toll pass, you'll experience complete toll coverage in 10 states across the U.S., ranging from Washington to California to Texas to North Carolina. 

When you choose Horizon Scout, you'll receive coverage for 100% of major tolls in the following locations:

    • Alabama
    • California
    • Colorado
    • Florida
    • Kansas
    • North Carolina
    • Oklahoma
    • South Carolina
    • Texas
    • Washington

United States map showing coverage for Horizon Scout toll transponder offered by Bestpass

Who Should Use Bestpass Horizon Scout?

Many organizations can benefit from Horizon Scout Bestpass for their fleets. This pass is excellent for trucking fleets and service fleets with six or more trucks and owner-operators with up to five vehicles. Horizon Scout can also improve fleet management for individuals in professional positions like the following:

    • Safety managers
    • Fleet owners
    • Trucking company owners
    • Service managers
    • Transportation planners
    • Fleet administrators
    • Transportation coordinators
    • Fleet directors
    • Fleet CEOs
    • Fleet managers
    • Directors of transportation
    • Fleet presidents
    • Transportation managers
    • Fleet operations managers

Get Complete Regional Coverage With Horizon Scout

You can receive comprehensive toll coverage for your company when you use Bestpass Horizon Scout. At Bestpass, we designed our toll management software to consolidate toll payments, ensure data accuracy, and promote time and money savings for commercial fleets. We currently have over 30,000 customers nationwide and more than 700,000 connected transponders on the road. We process over 300,000 toll transactions daily — that's more than $1 billion in transaction volume per year!

If you have 1-5 trucks, you can learn more about our solution for owner-operators here.

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